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What is Rad-140?

RAD140, also known as Testolone, is a very strong SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator). It is an investigational SARM, which means that it has not been tested very widely. Its benefits and side effects are not conclusive.

It has not been approved by the FDA as of yet and is still under research. This drug is beneficial for bulking up quickly and preventing muscle wasting. It is also rumored to be a potential cure for breast cancer as well.

RAD140 is known as one of the most potent SARMs out there, so you can take a small dosage and see a substantial effect on your body. Such SARMs are excellent alternatives for androgenic steroids because they come with all the benefits and none of the side effects. The RAD140 will help you cut fat and gain more muscle simultaneously, and it will do it very quickly.

Short Medical History

Traditionally, most bodybuilders and athletes would use steroids to enhance their bodies and gain more muscle. Since steroids helped gain muscle and boost energy quickly, they became a very popular drug for many people.

However, due to their chemical structure, they soon started to show a lot of harmful side effects such as prostate inflammation, cataracts, high blood pressure, and acne. So, scientists began to look for alternative ways to trigger the body’s androgen receptors.

Hence, they created SARMs, drugs that produce the same outcomes as steroids. Instead of targeting the whole body, they only target selective areas like the bone or muscle tissue. The RAD140 is also one such SARM that is supposed to help you get into good shape by boosting your energy but leaving you with little to no side effects.

Most of the studies involving RAD140 have been conducted on animal subjects. The majority of these studies report RAD140 to be both beneficial and safe for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). In a 2011 study, Testolone was also shown to increase lean muscle mass, suggesting it could be used to treat cachexia.

It wasn’t until September 2017 that RAD140 was subjected to a Phase 1 clinical trial. This trial is investigating the safety and maximum tolerated dosage of Testolone in 40 patients with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer.

In October 2020, Radius Health Inc. sold the rights of clinical development and commercialization of RAD140 to Ellipses Pharma. The London-based pharmaceutical company specializes in the development of cancer medicines and treatment. The CEO of Ellipses Pharma, Dr. Rajan Jethwa, expressed the company’s commitment to continue developing RAD 140. “We are pleased to be able to progress this project, and results to date have been encouraging. We look forward to taking this molecule into more advanced trials at the earliest opportunity,” said Dr. Rajan Jethwa.

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As the clinical trials continue, RAD140 is already making a name for itself in the fitness industry. Preclinical reports showed the drug could prevent muscle wasting and stimulate lean muscle mass growth. Data also shows that it can increase athletic performance. This has made it extremely popular among athletes and bodybuilders.


Boosting Lean Muscle Mass

Anecdotal reports show Testolone is one of the most powerful SARMs for muscle growth. It’s so powerful that newbies are discouraged from using it.

Reports show Testolone increases lean muscle growth in several ways. First, it increases protein synthesis in the muscle tissues. More protein allows for faster muscle regeneration and growth. This essentially means that any micro-tears in the muscles are quickly fixed, plus you’ll witness more muscle mass growth in a significantly shorter period.

It’s worth noting that RAD140 is very specific in its action. It creates anabolic effects by targeting the androgen receptors located in the muscle and bone tissues alone. That’s how it manages to improve muscle growth at a rate that’s only comparable to steroids and prohormones while maintaining a decent safety profile.

RAD140 does not work overnight, though. It’s also not a magic pill that will give you 10 pounds of lean muscle mass while you’re seated eating unhealthy foods. Like other SARMs, RAD140 produces the best results when users follow a strict training routine and a healthy protein-rich diet.

Increasing Endurance

Muscle endurance is essential to every athlete and bodybuilder. With high stamina, training sessions and competitions feel less tedious. It also speeds up your progress in the gym, giving you quick and visible results.

RAD140 boosts stamina by increasing your metabolism. It speeds up the breakdown of both calories and fats to generate more fuel.

Alongside stamina, the SARM boosts strength and energy levels. That explains why professional bodybuilders love Testolone so much.

Promoting Fat Loss

RAD-140 is quite effective for fat loss. Sufficient data shows it increases fat metabolism, which results in rapid fat loss while boosting energy levels at the same time. The anabolic effects that promote muscle growth also influence the breakdown of fatty acids.

Testolone also increases the metabolism of calories. By burning more calories, the selective androgen receptor modulator effectively limits the conversion of calories to fat. This means you won’t be storing any new fatty acids.

Fat loss is very crucial for bodybuilders. That’s what cutting cycles are all about. It drops the overall body fat percentage allowing the user to appear ripped.

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The beauty of using a SARM like RAD140 in cutting cycles is it also supports muscle preservation. In other words, the drug allows you to burn all the fat you want without breaking down your muscle gains in the process. You can also follow a calorie-deficit diet, and your body won’t eat into your muscles. That’s something other performance enhancers and weight loss plans struggle with.

RAD140 is decent at fat loss, but it works even better when stacked with a more “cutting-oriented” SARM. However, SARM stacks are usually very powerful, so you don’t want to try them unless you have decent tolerance and experience.

Enhanced Sex Drive

Testolone targets the same receptors as testosterone. The body interprets its presence as the male sex hormone, and that’s how it produces benefits like increased libido. Many men welcome the increased sexual appetite with open arms, and it’s not hard to see why. Growing an erection is easy, and the improved stamina makes sexual encounters even more intense and enjoyable.

Testolone’s ability to boost sex drive has been documented in multiple scientific studies investigating its efficacy in testosterone replacement therapy. These studies also point out that it is a safe solution, but they recommend additional clinical research.

Testolone supports your sex life when you are on-cycle only. Once you get off it, your sex drive moves to the other extreme end. This is due to testosterone suppression which is common in all powerful SARMs and not just RAD140. Fortunately, you can reverse suppression by going through Post Cycle Therapy.

Other possible benefits of using RAD140 are:

  • It increases mental clarity.
  • It may boost some brain functions like memory.
  • It doesn’t damage any vital organs, as is the case with other powerful PEDs.

Side Effects of Testolone

RAD140 does not have any drastic side effects for controlled usage. However, if you are consuming it in an unregulated fashion, there may be some side effects. You may experience a lowered testosterone level. Since the body is supposed to produce its own amount of testosterone, a high dosage of RAD140 will make the body dependent on the external supply of testosterone, and it will stop producing its own. This can also lead to hormonal imbalances and muscle pains.

You may also experience restlessness and headaches. Since the muscles will be growing at a faster rate, the bones and tendons may become stretched, which may make your body sore. An increased (unregulated) usage can also cause acne and blemishes on the face (which is common).


RAD140 is the most effective when used in smaller amounts. It is essential that you follow an appropriate dosage for the drug. Nothing is beneficial in excessive amounts. Since it is a SARM, it is also recommended that you use it in cycles, starting with small dosages and moving upwards.

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The beginner level dosage is 5 mg every day for a week. This will allow your body to adjust and build tolerance for more as you start your daily workouts. You can later change the dosage to 10 mg every day.

The first cycle is a trial period. It should be fully completed, or the results may not turn out at optimal capacity. This first cycle should be followed for a maximum of 6 weeks. Alternatively, if you have used SARMs before, especially RAD140, then you can start with 10 mg a day for the first week and move up to 15 mg for a seven-week cycle.

More experienced consumers, who have already tried RAD140 for several cycles, can start their dosage directly at 20 mg a day for a 10-week cycle. It is essential that you discontinue the dosage if you experience any side effects at any moment in your cycle. However, you must build up your cycles if there are no side effects.

For women, the starting point for the first cycle should be 5 mg a day, which can be moved up to 10 mg a day for a cycle of 6 weeks. It is also recommended that you take the dosage in one go and not in intervals throughout the day.

It is also recommended by professionals that you do PCT since RAD140 increases the natural amount of testosterone in your body. The PCT cycle should be done for at least 4 to 6 weeks. This is done to prevent your body from any side effects. You can take 20mg of Clomid or Nolvadex every day, reducing it to 10 mg, for your PCT cycle.


Although RAD140 has not been officially approved by the FDA, the athlete and bodybuilding community have been using it for quite some time. It is an excellent supplement if you’re looking for fast muscle growth and fat loss. It is also great if you want to increase your cognitive abilities and mental skill level. As detailed above, it is an excellent alternative to traditional steroids as it helps you in many different ways without leaving you with drastic side effects.

RAD140 is a beneficial drug, but clinical data is very limited. It’s, therefore, crucial that all users take the drug with extreme caution. Limit your dosage and make sure the cycles are within a recommended range. Post-cycle therapy is also necessary after every RAD140 cycle. Testolone is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency, so don’t even think about using it if you are a professional athlete.

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