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Medical Background of RAD 150

RAD 150, otherwise known as TLB 150 or RAD 140 ester, is structurally similar to rad-140. RAD 140 is its parent compound, which was created by Radius Health, INC. RAD 150 is classified as an anabolic ester, due to it undergoing esterification during chemical synthesis. Esterification, a common functional modification, is the process by which ester groups are attached to a carbon-based molecule. It has been used by chemical synthetic chemists, since the development of original androgens. This process is utilized to help stabilize, enhance, and change bioavailability of androgens. This results in an increase in half-life, by 10-fold, which is ten times as long as usual. This has allowed for a decrease in the frequency of dosage and unstable hormone response in RAD 150

Prior to esterification, many drawbacks were exhibited by anabolic steroids. This includes an increase in red blood cells, urinary retention, and adverse effects on lipid profiles and the prostate gland. Now, esterification of testosterone, such as RAD 150, is being conducted, in an effort to make serum testosterone levels more stable and reduce severe side effects. This technique is now applied to SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) research and development. Synthetic chemists are now working towards making serum SARM levels more stable and durable.

In recent years, the safety profiles of anabolic esters have been improved. Certain anabolic esters are now being used to treat specific conditions. For example, nandrolone decanoate is prescribed to those with compromised kidney failure, osteoporosis, and children with growth failure. Nandrolone decanoate is the most commonly prescribed anabolic-androgenic steroid. This is due to its exceptional half-life in the body. The only downside is that nandrolone decanoate can cause hair loss, acne atrophy, gynecomastia, and testicular atrophy.

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Testosterone undecanoate, which is likewise an esterified form of testosterone, has been known to treat metabolic conditions as well. This includes men who have little to no testosterone due to other medical conditions. It is useful in developing and maintaining male sex characteristics, which includes body hair and a deep voice. It even offers an added benefit, which is normalizing plasma testosterone levels. However, it, unfortunately, causes similar side effects as seen with nandrolone decanoate.

Compared to other anabolic esters, RAD 150 is considered to be the most effective. It offers positive results without all of the negative side effects. It offers the body more durable pharmacokinetics, which means that it is efficient in moving it within the body. This has significantly piqued the interest of the research community. When testosterone levels are raised, it is more stable and reduces any risks of changes in behavior. It also readily binds to the androgen receptor, which, in turn, activates it.

It has an excellent absorption rate and has shown patterns of tissue-selective pharmacology. This allows rad 150 to offer a variety of benefits. Also, due to its extended half-life, it acts as a buffer. It acts as a buffer, when there is a drop in anabolic response. This response is often seen, after missed doses. It is continuing to generate excitement in biomedical research. This is largely due to its potential to not only impact the fitness community, but also to treat cancer and various metabolic conditions.

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Benefits of RAD 150

Rad 150 offers a wide variety of benefits, due to its high absorption rate, stability, and half-life of 48 hours. At the same time, it has little to no side effects, especially when taken as recommended. This will be discussed later in the article. The following are the many benefits that rad 150 offers, to improve your performance as well as your physique.

  • It does not increase aggression.
  • It does not cause baldness.
  • It increases sexual performance and libido.
  • It does not affect lipid metabolism.
  • It promotes the growth of the muscles.
  • It has no androgenic effects.
  • Rad 150 provides rapid muscle regeneration.
  • It is excellent for bulking cycles.
  • It has rapid muscle recovery.
  • It is a safer alternative.
  • It provides faster results.
  • Rad 150 has no harmful effects on the liver.
  • It has an extended half life.
  • It has no side effects, when taken correctly.
  • It is very stable and has a high absorption rate.
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Side Effects of RAD 150

When the right dosage is taken, it does not typically cause any side effects. Nonetheless, in the event that you surpass the suggested dose, it can bring about a significant increase in the levels of estradiol in the body. This is due to its high aromatizing activity. It can bring about gynecomastia, loss of muscle definition, and subcutaneous water retention. Other side effects that can occur include a headache, insomnia, and prolonged erections. Again, these effects can be seen, if more than the recommended dosage is taken. Despite the fact that it doesn’t prompt liver toxicity, studies are still being conducted. Research is being conducted, to analyze whether liver enzymes are affected by rad 150. Luckily, it hasn’t been connected to any negative impacts on the kidneys or prostate. Researchers are continuously hoping for promising results from rad 150.

Recommended Dosages

Two to three capsules should be taken daily. Throughout the day, the dosages should be divided. The half-life of rad 150 is approximately 48 hours, which means it will remain in the body for two days. At the end of the cycle, Post-cycle therapy (PCT) is always recommended. Likewise, appropriate products, such as Clomid, Arjuna, Coletix, and LiveR, should also be taken. They will help restore normal testosterone function, save lean muscle mass, and avoid unwanted consequences. Other products are also available on the market that can be taken with PCT.


RAD 150 is a remarkable new compound that stabilizes testosterone levels in the body. It is significantly more effective compared to other SARMS. This is due to its lack of toxicity on major organs, such as the liver, kidneys, and prostate. At the same time, it offers a variety of benefits to improve performance. It increases lean muscle mass, endurance, strength, and performance. This makes it the ideal enhancement compared with other SARMS.

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