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You enjoy the benefits of taking SARMs, now you have to think about Post Cycle Therapy and how you can maintain a healthy body while continuing a successful fitness regimen. Part of taking SARMs is discussing PTC (Post Cycle Therapy). By implementing a good plan that balances a cycle of SARMs followed by an effective Post Cycle Therapy, you’ll ensure that you maintain a good routine.

By engaging in effective Post Cycle Therapy, you’ll be able to avoid long-term effects seen from SARMs use such as a drop in testosterone, which can greatly affect your health and performance in serious ways.

In addition, doing an effective round of Post Cycle Therapy will allow you to turn around your SARMs cycles faster than if you don’t do PCT. This means your body will become more efficient and will be less exposed.

This article is going to discuss Post Cycle Therapy and the SARMs that are best to maintain a healthy balance.

What Is Post Cycle Therapy?

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is the process of allowing the body to have a break from the effects of anabolic steroids or SARMs, which have an anabolic effect. They target the body’s androgen receptors and mimic testosterone, which can cause a change in how it is produced and used.

By doing Post Cycle Therapy, the body is able to regain balance in testosterone use to ensure it maintains proper function. When this part of your SARMs regimen is ignored, you will deplete your hormonal balance and cause serious health problems.

Specially designed supplements for Post Cycle Therapy exist to aid the body during recovery. These are taken for several weeks to help the body correct any imbalances.

Symptoms of Testosterone Suppression

When taking SARMs, it is advised to become familiar with your physiology and your hormonal balance. One of the possible effects of long-term SARM usage is the suppression of testosterone. Knowing when your testosterone levels are becoming depleted is key in early detection and the correction with Post Cycle Therapy.

Keep your eyes open for the following symptoms that may indicate a suppression in testosterone:

  • Increased body fat despite regular workouts
  • Bones become weak and fragile
  • Muscular strength and mass is decreased
  • Fever or hot flashes
  • Change in mood and irritability
  • Lack of motivation, enthusiasm, and feelings of depression
  • Issues with metabolizing cholesterol
  • General malaise and feelings of fatigue
  • Lowered fertility and sexual drive
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Another physical problem that presents in men is gynecomastia or the enlargement of breasts. This is usually present in some men at puberty or during andropause (male menopause), however, if testosterone levels are low, it may present unexpectedly.

This is an indication of a major drop in testosterone. Men may experience tenderness or painful breasts and a female-type appearance. There’s an increase in breast tissue and some men may even experience discharge.

These are sometimes called “man boobs” and can cause a lot of grief to men of all ages, regardless of their weight. It is a symptom that directly impacts the fit look you desire from taking SARMs. Another reason why it is so important to do proper Post Cycle Therapy.

You must learn how to monitor your body for drops in testosterone. It will be very beneficial to do an effective run of Post Cycle Therapy at the end of your SARMs cycle depending on the type of SARMs you’re using.

Do I Need to Do Post Cycle Therapy Every Time I Take SARMs

A lot of research has been done about SARMs and Post Cycle Therapy.
Below, we’ll cover the best SARMs that don’t require a Post Cycle Therapy supplement after usage. This is because they don’t work as androgen receptor agonists.

1. YK-11

YK-11 SARM provides incredible results! Some people claim it is an anabolic steroid, but it is widely known as a SARM. It works in two ways, as a partial agonist of the androgen receptor mimicking testosterone. YK-11 also targets muscle tissue acting as an androgenic and a myostatin inhibitor.

These two actions together produce extreme muscle growth targeting strictly the muscle tissue instead of targeting ligaments or bones.


There is no set exact range of dosage because of the lack of human clinical trials. Most people start with 10 mg per day and sometimes increase up to 50 mg per day. It is best to start slow and gradually increase. YK-11 is very potent, so you want to avoid unpleasant side effects that come from taking too high a dose.

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Side Effects

Since you see dramatic results with YK-11, it also can cause certain androgenic side effects such as a drop in testosterone drop. However, it is a more mild side effect than those seen in stronger SARMs.

YK-11 only targets the growth of muscle without affecting ligament or bone development. This can be a problem if a muscle develops too quickly for the underlying structures. It can result in serious injuries.

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2. Stenabolic SR9009

This supplement is usually found amongst SARMs and is used for short cycle stacking. It attaches to proteins in the body that help regulate the systems that promote quick muscle growth. It reduces inflammation and helps in muscle recovery. Users find that they sleep better while taking SR9009.

The result of using this product is a boost of energy and stamina in only a couple of days, which comes into full effect after only one week. Users report being able to burn more fat and recover quickly from their workouts.

Because its works differently than SARMs that interact with androgen receptors, it doesn’t require much of a Post Cycle Therapy routine. You won’t deplete testosterone as with potent SARMs and you will likely keep a good hormonal balance. The results from taking SR9009 are effective but are not dramatic as with other supplements. It works more naturally than other compounds, which is why it doesn’t require a Post Cycle Therapy round.


Because of the lack of human clinical trials, there is no official dosage for SR9009. Users have experienced success by taking 10 to 30 mg per day, with some people even pushing it to 50 mg per day.

A low dose of 10 mg per day is enough to get you started, especially if you’re new to performance-enhancing drugs.

Side Effects

Based on anecdotal user reports, SR9009 doesn’t produce any known side effects. The formula targets your circadian rhythm and doesn’t show any long-term effects. It has been shown to promote the overall well-being of those who have taken it while maintaining a healthy physical condition and nutritious diet.

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3. MK-677

This is another option for those that don’t want to do Post Cycle Therapy after taking SARMs. Because this particular type of SARM promotes the secretion of GH (growth hormone), it doesn’t affect testosterone levels.

MK-677 has been known to be beneficial to treat people who have a growth hormone deficiency, it helps repair nerve damage, increases metabolism, improves the quality of sleep, helps build muscle, reduces muscle wasting, and promotes the quick healing of wounds.

It is a supplement that is long-lasting, fast-acting, potent, and available through oral administration. Studies have shown it stimulates regions of the brain that play a role in metabolic actions. Its effects show improvement in muscle and bone density, which has given it much success in the elderly population with osteoporosis.


The recommended dosage is 10 to 50 mg per day. Starting at 10 mg per day is advised.

Side Effects

People who take MK-677 have seen an increase in appetite, lethargy, insulin resistance, and joint pain. Not all people report having side effects, it is different depending on the person’s unique profile.

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Bottom Line

Part of using SARMs is being aware of the effects you might see during usage and after your cycle is over. It is important to become familiar with your body and the symptoms of a hormonal imbalance to be able to detect any negative changes you may experience.

As with other drugs, the lowest possible dosage for the shortest amount of time is ideal. If you’re new to taking performance enhancement drugs, it is best for you to start slow and gradually increase your exposure to these supplements.

If you feel that SARMs are helping you achieve the physical results you desire, become familiar with the type of Post Cycle Therapy those particular SARMs require. Keeping your body in balance will help your SARMs regimen become more efficient in the long run.

Always stay informed and be sure to have the best protocol that fits your needs. SARMs are a great way to supplement your fitness routine. With proper care and good Post Cycle Therapy, you’ll be able to gain all the benefits.

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