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SARMs were developed long ago, but they only became popular in the bodybuilding scene a few years ago. Since then, there have been lots of information about these drugs and especially anecdotal details from people who are already taking the drugs. Using this information and the limited clinical data available on SARMs, it’s now easy to know which are the best SARMs to buy and how to use them. Of course, the best SARM to buy will depend on the bodybuilding goals you hope to achieve.

With that in mind, here are the best SARMs for you:

Ostarine MK2866

Ostarine MK2866 is one of the safest and most affordable SARMs on the market. It is also regarded as the best SARM for beginners and women. This versatile drug is very friendly to the body, making it easier for most people to use it without experiencing any adverse reactions. It’s affordability also makes it an incredible choice for bodybuilders who are still operating on a limited budget.

Ostarine can be used in both bulking and cutting cycles. It can help you gain some lean muscle mass, but it doesn’t deliver insane gains as LGD4033, which is a bit more potent. In addition to the lean mass gains, Ostarine will also boost your strength and energy levels, increase your insulin resistance, enhances bone density, and improves your stamina.

In cutting cycles, MK2866 increases metabolism, which speeds up the breakdown of adipose. It also makes sure that your muscle mass is preserved during the cycle.

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Dosage and Cycle

Recommended Ostarine dosages range from 25-40 mg per day. You should start with 25 mg if you have never used SARMs before. Women should take Ostarine in lower dosages (around 10mg) to avoid adverse reactions and virilization.

Ostarine cycles run for 4 to 6 weeks.

Ostarine is not highly suppressive, but PCT is still necessary to preserve your gains.

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Testolone RAD140

Testolone is more potent than Ostarine Mk2866. Therefore, it’s not the kind of SARM you want to take if you have no history of taking these drugs. It is a SARM that’s better suited for advanced bodybuilders who can stomach it.

Testolone will give you more lean muscle mass than Ostarine. Actually, its gains can only be compared to S23 and maybe LGD4033. Data shows that RAD140 can give you between 8 to 19 pounds of lean muscle mass after a single cycle! The exact gains will depend on your body capacity and your efforts in supporting the drug.

Testolone is a favorite to most of us because it delivers instant stamina. It also boosts strength and energy and supports fat loss.

Dosage and Cycle

Testolone is extremely powerful, so you want to be careful about the dosage you are taking. First-time users should stick to 5-10mg per day. Experienced users can take 15-20mg per day. No one should take more than 20mg of RAD140.

Testolone should be cycled for 8-10 weeks. Do not extend the cycle!

Being so powerful, you can expect some suppression when using Testolone. Therefore, you should run PCT after the cycle.

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Cardarine GW501516

Cardarine is the go-to drug when it comes to cutting cycles. It is usually sold as a SARM, but the truth is it does not work as one. Cardarine is a PPAR agonist that stimulates fat catabolism, boosting fat loss while increasing energy, power, and stamina.

The best part about using Cardarine is you will never run out of energy. This is a huge plus because many fat burners leave users seriously lethargic. Cardarine also promotes the breakdown of fatty cells without affecting lean muscle mass.

The only downside about this drug is the fact that results are typically delayed. It takes around 2 months to see the best fat loss results. Until then, the only major difference you will feel is an increase in energy and stamina.

Dosage and Cycle

The ideal dosage of Cardarine is 10-20mg per day. Start with 10mg and increase the dosage after a few weeks.

Cardarine cycles should run for 8 weeks.

Other SARMs worth checking out are Andarine S4, Ligandrol LGD4033, Stenabolic SR9009, and S23.

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