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SARMs are said to be a safer alternative to steroids and prohormones, but they are still not 100% safe. One of the key factors that can influence your reaction upon using SARMs is the quality of the drugs. This is why it is imperative to be extremely choosy on which SARMs vendor you deal with.

1. Science Bio

Science Bio is the best SARM source on the market right now. You could think of anything you want from a SARMs vendor, and this store will tick the box; extensive product catalog? Check. User-friendly website? Check. Responsive customer support? Check. Quick shipping? Check!

Science Bio has one of the best product inventories around. All the popular SARMs are available at this store. You can also buy them in solution or powder form. In addition to SARMs, Science Bio stocks other research chemicals, including nootropics such as Noopept and some longevity drugs like Choline L-Bitartrate.

Product potency and safety will be the least of your worries when taking Science Bio’s drugs. The company has a strict quality control policy. All their raw materials and finished products go through extensive analysis in third-party laboratories. The drugs are submitted to various tests, including HPLC, NMR Spectroscopy, TLC, and ICP-MS. They also make and ship their products from clean and controlled facilities to ensure no contamination takes place at any point. Science Bio publishes all the lab test results on the website for everyone to scrutinize.

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Shipping and Return Policy

Science Bio offers same-day shipping for orders placed before 12 pm PST. Orders placed after the cut-off time are processed and shipped out on the next business day. Domestic orders are usually delivered within 2-8 business days. International orders take slightly longer.

All orders are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee. Contact their customer support to get instructions on how you can return your unopened orders and get a refund.

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2. Chemyo

Chemyo is not as popular as Science Bio, but they are still among the most reliable SARMs vendors around. The company has grown on me for quite some time now, and that’s simply because they have quality products and excellent customer support.

Like Science Bio, Chemyo submits their products for independent lab tests. They also publish all the test results on their website. You can even check the lab responsible for the tests and do an extra follow-up to see how reliable they are. The lab test results from Chemyo are also highly detailed, showing you details on concentration, composition, CAS, Molar Mass, etc.

Shipping and Return Policy

Orders placed before the cut off time are usually processed and shipped on the same day. Domestic orders are delivered within 2-4 business days while international ones can take up to 14 days, which is still very reasonable.

For refunds, contact Chemyo through the provided phone line or email address. They handle refunds on a case by case basis.

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3. Swiss Chems

Proven Peptide is a well-known SARMs vendor. They’ve actually been one of the best SARMs suppliers for a long time, but their time at the top seems to be coming to an end. The only reason they are not further up in our list is that they appear to be going out of business soon. From their website, you will receive a notification showing they are ceasing operations.

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They are still accepting orders, but it’s unclear for how long this will continue. Until then, you can rely on them for some quality SARMs solutions.
They stock all the popular SARMs from Ligandrol LGD4033, Ostarine Mk2866 to Cardarine GW501516. All their products go through 3rd party lab tests, and the results are published on the website.

Shipping and Return Policy

All orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours. Orders paid for through eCheck may take slightly longer as your payment gets cleared. They ship through USPS First Class and USPS Priority.

Proven Peptides offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. Email them to get instructions on how to return the orders. We hope that their ceasing of operations does not affect refunds for orders already placed.

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