What is SR9009

SR9009, more popularly known as Stenabolic, originated from the lab of Scripps Research Institute’s own Professor Thomas Burris. Although it’s affiliated with SARMS, SR9009 is rather a Rev-ErbA agonist drug.

Did I already confuse you? Basically, the protein Rev-ErbA is found in the brain, liver, skeletal muscle, and body fat and it plays a role in one’s circadian rhythm.

Now for the kicker! The Stenabolic compound affects this protein so much that mice test subjects ran at a 50% increase in speed after taking SR9009. It also radically reduced obesity in mice. The mice were injected with SR9009 for a week. Although they lost fat, their food consumption remained the same. After 12 days, the mice stopped putting on weight without any differences in insulin tolerance or glucose count. After 7-10 days, the tested mice’s cholesterol reduced significantly, and after 30 days they demonstrated escalated endurance.

Due to Stenabolics immense effects, some have coined it as ‘exercise in a bottle.’ This compound stimulates greater production of mitochondria, therefore enhancing metabolism and muscles.

So, if you want to break your fitness records or find yourself needing to outrun a werewolf, this may be just what you’re looking for. Before you make any decisions, let’s evaluate this drug further…


Sorry if I got carried away with the mice. Let’s talk about how this might affect you and your fitness goals.

Killer Endurance 

The mice have spoken, and they can vouch for SR9009 in that it will amp up your game.

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First, let’s talk about cardio for a second. Cardio is typically performed to increase one’s heart rate to where one’s capacity is maximized. If you struggle with cardio, your heart rate skyrockets. When you use stimulants like pre-workout, that skyrocket happens way faster, so it’s actually hurting your workout.

Stenabolic is your knight in shining armor. Opposite to what a stimulant does, SR9009 prevents you from getting winded so easily and enables you to go even harder. Your heart rate might just rise to 75% rather than 90% when running at the same speed.

Safe Fat Loss for Your Next Competition 

Stenabolic will reduce your body fat regardless of your current build. Typical fat burners tax your body. Thankfully, Stenabolic is not considered a stimulant or harsh drug, and keeps you burning fat even when not exercising. Hop in the gym and that fat loss will be shockingly amplified.

As mentioned a few moments ago, Rev-ErbA regulates fatty acid liver metabolism. Stenabolic enhances this process, further increasing the metabolism. Also, because SR9009 increases mitochondria strength, stored fat burns away.

Your Cholesterol Will Thank You

You don’t have to be an athlete or avid gym goer to reap the consequences of Stenabolic. If you’re obese, this drug does the honor of improving your cholesterol and exiling overabundant glucose.

Consequently, you’ll burn fat much quicker before and after your workout and get a more beneficial exercise session.


  • It’s effective in treating sarcopenia, which causes a loss of muscle strength as you age.
  • It decreases inflammation: mice showed a decrease in lung inflammation resulting from decreased production of TNF-alpha.
  • It decreases anxious behavior.
  • It decreases tissue damage (fibrosis).
  • Because it affects our sleep/waking patterns, it can be helpful for night shift workers or constant travelers who need more control over their sleeping patterns.
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Side Effects

You read that right. There are no known side effects of taking SR9009 if you follow the recommended dosage. The drug is non-estrogenic and non-androgenic, so it is great for any gender and body type. Although Stenabolic does not damage your liver, some users suggest taking liver supplements while on it.

Of course, if you happen to notice anything unusual, you should immediately stop taking Stenabolic.


Using Stenabolic is very simple as long as you are good at time management. There’s no established human dosage for people, but professional bodybuilders have stepped in to assist.

Generally, they recommend 20-30mgs every day, but some users suggest a wider range of 10mg-40mg. Let’s not forget, the dose you take depends on what your fitness and health goals are as well as your body’s response to the drug. Remember to listen to your body!

Our bodybuilder friends also advocate for doing an 8 week cycle on Stenabolic followed by 8 weeks without it to prevent a tolerance build up.

Here’s where your time-management skills come in: SR9009’s half life is quite short. You should take it about 2-3 times a day and evenly spread it out during your waking hours. For example, if your goal is to take 40mg per day, try taking 10mg 4 hours apart to get the maximized result. It’s best taken with food, so you can even pair it up with every meal  so you don’t forget when to take it.

Stacking SR9009 With SARMS 

If you are on a SARMS cycle or planning one soon, Stenabolic can elevate your experience by being used in a stack.

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On a cutting cycle? Pair Stenobalic (5-20mgs per day) with Primobolan (400mgs per week) plus a small testosterone dose. Some users prefer to pair SR9009 with Cardarine because Cardarine gives a steady stream of fat oxidation during the day while Stenabolic helps fat oxidation while exercising.

If you’re on a recomp mission, some suggest pairing Stenabolic (5-20mgs per day) with Ostarine Ostabolic (25mgs per day) and Testolone (10mgs per day).

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