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SARMs, or selective androgen receptor modulators, work by explicitly targeting androgen receptors related to fat and muscle. They were initially developed to aid in muscle and bone regeneration in elderly adults or individuals with conditions that result in muscle degeneration.

SARMs grew in popularity in the bodybuilding and workout industry due to their ability to influence androgen receptors selectively and give a testosterone-like boost without the adverse side effects. They can also be used to aid healing due to the increase of lean muscle they provide.


ACP-105 is a newer SARM and considered as the best sarm for recovery. Clinical studies have shown it to work similarly to testosterone, with strong anabolic effects on bones and muscles.

acp 105

History: Developed by ACADIA Pharmaceuticals in 2008, this SARM was initially proposed to aid muscular regeneration in individuals diagnosed with a degenerative musculoskeletal disorder.

Benefits: This SARM promotes increased muscle mass while also protecting the muscles from wasting away during recovery periods. It also decreases the time spent in recovery by increasing the speed and effectiveness at which the body heals from injury or over-exertion.

Side Effects: The side effects of this SARM is documented to be much less than others, and they can be quickly reversed by doing a cycle of PCT. A mild headache, fatigue, and nausea tend to hit around the seven-week mark.

Recommended Dosage: The standard dosage recommendation is 5 mg a day for females and 10 mg a day for males. It can be taken for up to eight weeks at a time.

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LGD-4033, otherwise known as Ligandrol, is one of the most potent SARMs on the market today. The additional muscle mass and increased testosterone that this SARM encourages prompt faster recovery from injury and workout-related muscle stress.

History: Originally discovered by Ligand Pharmaceuticals as a possible treatment for musculoskeletal disorders, it is now being developed by Viking Therapeutics. They intend to study the effects of the SARM as a potential treatment for individuals with breast and prostate cancer.

Benefits: LGD-4033 increases anabolic activity in the muscle and bones to increase lean muscle mass and bone strength. This anabolic activity aids in a better, more positive outlook on life and increases the rate at which the body heals.

Side Effects: From the headache and nausea to the muscle cramps and fatigue, the side effects of this SARM are documented as being relatively mild when taking the proper dosage.

Recommended Dosage: A standard dose of 1 mg daily for up to six to seven weeks will be plenty effective in providing an individual with the noted benefits of the SARM. As this is a powerful supplement compared to others, it is not recommended to take a higher dose, and doing so may cause an increase in side effects.

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Andarine S-4

A classic SARM that quickly binds with androgen receptors, Andarine S-4 goes to work quickly, increasing muscle mass and fat loss in individuals.

History: It was developed by GTx Pharmaceuticals for the treatment of muscle loss caused by degenerative musculoskeletal disorders. Bodybuilders and workout enthusiasts quickly caught onto its muscle-building properties.

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Benefits: This SARM, like with most, prompts the body to increase its production of lean muscle mass. It also prevents muscle waste during periods of downtime or recovery and speeds up the recovery process by increasing muscle.

Side Effects: Due to the dosing differences, side effects from this SARM can vary. They can include difficulties seeing at night, testosterone suppression, and accelerated hair loss, along with the usual headaches and nausea.

Recommended Dosage: Unlike some SARMs, the strength of Andarine S-4 is dose-dependent. As a beginner, a standard dose can be up to 25 mg daily, an intermediate dose can be up to 50 mg daily, and an advanced dose can be up to 100 mg daily. Many individuals spread their daily dose out over the day for the best effects.

Overall, the usage of SARMs for recovery is typically seen as an extra set of benefits on top of the increased muscle mass and fat loss. But it is an important aspect that should not be overlooked by the bodybuilding and workout industry, as recovery is just as important as strength training in the process of building muscle.

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