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Everyone wants the incredible benefits of steroids but not the nasty side effects. This is precisely what legal steroids are all about. These performance enhancers use natural ingredients to mimic the results of anabolic steroids while keeping the risk of adverse reactions at a minimum. They take advantage of powerful ingredients with dozens of scientific evidence showing their potency in boosting lean muscle mass growth and cutting body fat. The manufacturer combines several of these ingredients to make a powerful cocktail that has proven to be very useful among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. And since they use naturally sourced ingredients, the supplements are legally available to buy as dietary supplements from online stores and without a doctor’s prescription.

Legal steroids come in different formulas to achieve different bodybuilding needs. Some of them are formulated for bulking, while others are for cutting. Users are also free to combine several of these supplements for even better results. In this review, we will be looking at the 3 best legal steroids for bulking and cutting.

D-Bal – Best for Bulking

D-Bal is the best legal steroid for bulking right now. The supplement was manufactured as an alternative to the popular anabolic steroid known as Dianabol or Methandrostenolone. Those were extremely big shoes for the supplement to fill but looking at its formula and the user reviews; it’s clear that D-Bal is the better option not just because it produces the desired results but also because it is way safer.

D-Bal is formulated with several ingredients that boost muscle growth and other aspects of your fitness. The manufacturer, Crazy Bulk, uses the highest quality ingredients on the market. They expertly dose these ingredients to ensure you are getting the maximum results with each serving.

D-Bal Ingredients

  • Vitamin D3 (7.5mcg) – Vitamin D3 is a popular bodybuilding ingredient known for increasing lean muscle mass and strength. It also boosts power and stamina.
  • Magnesium (60mg) – Magnesium plays various roles in the body. It increases ATP production, and studies show that it can boost insulin-like growth factor production, which is essential for muscle growth. The mineral also fights stress hormone, which is known to attack muscle tissue.
  • MSM (800mg) – MSM improves your stamina and endurance by fighting muscle soreness and joint pain. It also provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant protection.
  • L-Isoleucine (300mg) – L-Isoleucine is an amino acid that promotes protein synthesis, which improves lean muscle growth.
  • Suma Root Concentrated Extract (200mg) – Suma root or Brazilian ginseng promotes blood circulation, energy levels, and anti-inflammation protection. It was traditionally used to treat erectile dysfunction and prevent fatigue and pain.
  •  Ashwagandha (200mg) – Ashwagandha is a testosterone boosting ingredient that improves muscle growth and performance. It increases your VO2 max, which improves your stamina and power. It also supports the breakdown of excess body fat.
  • Tribulus Terrestris (75mg) – Tribulus Terrestris increases testosterone levels to boost muscle growth, strength and energy levels, and recovery. The herb has also been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate (30mg) – Hyaluronic acid speeds up your recovery. It’s not just helpful for muscle and tendon tissues, but it can also help your bones to heal faster.
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D-Bal results

D-Bal users can expect the following results:

  • Fast, lean muscle growth
  • High energy levels
  • Increased stamina
  • Faster recovery
  • Some fat loss
  • Improved sex drive

D_Bal is more than capable of producing insane results when used on its own. However, advanced bodybuilders stack it with other legal steroids for even more dramatic results. D-Bal can be combined with Testo-Max (Sustanon), Trenorol (Trenbolone), Anadrole (Anadrol), or DecaDuro (Deca Durabolin).


Take 3 capsules every day with a glass of water 45 minutes after your training session. D-Bal should be used for at least 2 months.

Is D-Bal Safe?

Yes, D-Bal is a safe, legal steroid that does not produce any severe side effects when used correctly. You may experience some reactions if you are allergic to the ingredients used.

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Clenbutrol – Best for Cutting

Clenbutrol is the legal alternative to the insane thermogenic steroid called Clenbuterol. This supplement is widely used by bodybuilders who are looking to shred the extra layers of fat standing between them and a perfectly shredded physique. It improves muscle definition and vascularity without eating into your lean muscle gains. In addition to burning fat, Clenbutrol improves your cardiovascular performance by boosting oxygen transportation. It also increases energy and stamina since all the fat is broken down to produce fuel.

Clenbutrol uses several natural ingredients to spike your body’s internal temperature and metabolic rate. It also suppresses appetite hence reducing the number of calories you are taking.

Clenbutrol Ingredients

  • Vitamin B3 (63mg) – Clenbutrol uses Nicotinamide, a water-soluble form of Vitamin B3. The ingredient increases metabolism and supports the transportation of energy to body cells. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Garcinia Cambogia (450mg) – A very popular weight loss ingredient that prevents the conversion of sugars and carbs to fat. It’s also responsible for the appetite suppressant properties of Clenbutrol.
  • Bitter Orange Extract (450mg) – Bitter orange extract contains synephrine, which increases thermogenesis. It also reduces appetite.
  • Guarana Extract (342mg) – It contains the stimulant caffeine, which suppresses appetite and boosts energy levels as well as mental concentration and alertness. One incredible thing about guarana extract is it contains tannins, which have a slow-release effect, i.e., it releases energy slowly, so the users get to enjoy high energy levels throughout the day.
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Clenbutrol Results

Clenbutrol delivers the following benefits:

  • Rapid fat loss
  • High energy levels
  • Increased performance
  • High stamina and endurance
  • Increased focus and mental clarity
  • Reduced appetite and cravings

Clenbutrol can be stacked with Winsol (Winstrol), Trenorol (Trenbolone), or Anvarol (Anavar).


Take 3 capsules per day 45 minutes before hitting the gym. Clenbutrol should be used for 2 months, followed by a break of around one and a half weeks.

Is Clenbutrol Safe?

Due to the presence of some stimulants, Clenbutrol users may experience headaches, stomach upset, and jitters. This is particularly common when used in excess. It also happens a lot in people who are extremely sensitive to caffeine.

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Winsol – Best for Women

Winsol is a great cutting legal steroid used by both men and women. It is particularly good for women because it is safe and very friendly, so they never have to deal with harsh adverse reactions. Winsol is Crazy Bulk’s legal alternative for Winstrol.

On top of burning fat, Winsol also deals with water retention, a common side effect of most bulking supplements. Winsol gets rid of fat and the bloated appearance leaving you with pure, clean rock-hard muscles with popping veins.

In addition to supporting fat loss, Winsol is also very popular for its performance-enhancing abilities. This supplement will take your energy, strength, stamina, and power to a whole new level.

Winsol Ingredients

Winsol contains the following natural ingredients:

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine (555mg) – This is an amino acid that boosts energy levels and fat loss by transporting fatty acids into cells. It’s also known for boosting muscle recovery after high-intensity workouts. Acetyl-L-Carnitine may also deliver other benefits like increased sperm quality and bone density.
  • Choline (300mg) – Choline improves lipid metabolism and digestion. It also improves memory, concentration, and clarity.
  • Wild Yam (300mg) – Wild Yam increases t-levels to preserve and boost your gains during cutting cycles. It will also boost your libido.
  • DMAE (150mg) – DMAE boosts several cognitive functions like learning, memory, and mental focus.
  • Safflower Oil (126mg) – Safflower oil contains omega-6 and conjugated linoleic acid, which reduces water retention and boosts fat metabolism while maintaining your lean muscle mass.
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Winsol Results

Here are some of the benefits of Winsol:

  • Improves performance
  • Reduces body fat
  • Increases strength
  • Increases mental clarity and concentration
  • Boosts vascularity
  • Preserves lean muscle mass
  • Improves blood supply

Winsol can be used alongside Clenbutrol (Clenbuterol), Anavarol (Anavar), or Trenorol (Tenbolone).


The recommended Winsol dosage is 3 capsules per day taken 45 minutes before working out. Winsol should be used in 8-week cycles followed by a 1.5-week break.

Is Winsol Safe?

Yes, Winsol is a safe, legal steroid that works really well for both men and women. It doesn’t contain stimulants like caffeine, so it’s a great alternative to Clenbutrol.

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Final Thoughts

The above legal steroids are the best by any standard, but they are not magic pills. As a user, you still need to get on the right diet and training routine to get the best results.

Make sure to buy the supplements from the official Crazy Bulk website. The last thing you want is to waste your time and money on a possibly dangerous counterfeit supplement.

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