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What is LGd-3033

LGD 3303 is a type of SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators), which work similarly to steroids, medically known as anabolic-androgenic steroids. Anabolic refers to building muscle form using protein and nutrients. Although it is not the most well-known and perhaps not the most popular, it is thought that throughout more widely spread information the demand will only rise. SARMs were first invented in the late 1990’s as performance enhancing agents.

Medical History

It is always important to research information about the product you are buying before purchase, and read the ingredients carefully to make sure that it is real SARMs from a legitimate source. LGD 3303 is not the most common one to come by but when purchased correctly it has been tested as safe for human consumption. SARMs in general are a relatively new form of drug, LGD 3303 being even more recent. At the same it is also branded as one of the best SARMs available on the market at this current time. Originally discovered by Ligand Pharmaceuticals in 2007 September 16, in Hawaii, when they began preclinical studies.

As like any medication or product, LGD 3303 had to undergo a series of trials during the experimental phase to ensure its effectiveness and safety. Companies would not want to brand an ineffective crop. Ligand Pharmaceuticals has an ample amount of experience in producing new drugs. Rat modeled studies prove the certainty of increased muscle mass and bone mass. It has even been tested on osteoporosis rats with good results.

Androgens can have a potentially negative impact on men’s prostate or cause virilization problems in women. LGD 3033 has been designed to reduce the effects whilst reaching a steady state according to The Plateau Principle. The Plateau Principle is a mathematical model or scientific law formed to explain the required time course of drug action.

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LGD 3033 has many positive effects on the body making it a desirable purchase. It gives rapid results and enhances workouts and training to the maximum.

  • Boosts Muscle Growth

LGD3033 is one of the most effective SARMs for bulking. The drug can increase lean muscle mass at a very fast rate helping you get over your plateau and hit new fitness levels. It acts on the androgen receptor located in the muscle cells in the same manner as testosterone and other androgens. This means it works just like anabolic-androgenic steroids. Once it binds to these receptors, an anabolic atmosphere is created, resulting in faster muscle growth.

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While LGD3033 has a mechanism of action similar to anabolic steroids, it doesn’t pose similar risks. This can be attributed to its selective nature. This SARM primarily works on the androgen receptors found in the muscle and bone tissues. It doesn’t interact with any other ARs in the system. That’s what distinguishes it from typical steroids. Therefore, the drug will not cause prostate enlargement and organ failure issues, which are very common with steroids.

Note that this does not mean that LGD3033 is entirely safe. It still poses a few risks, but they are way milder as compared to steroids’.

For the best muscle-building results, this drug is usually combined with a proper training regimen and diet.

  • Increases Bone Density

LGD3033 is under investigation as a potential treatment for osteoporosis, a bone disease characterized by weak and brittle bones. Scientists believe that the drug can reverse bone conditions experienced by postmenopausal women and some men.

However, there haven’t been any clinical trials to date. What we have are animal studies showing that proper use of LGD3033 can increase bone mineral density and reverse bone degeneration. It can also strengthen bones in healthy individuals, so it’s not helpful to sick people alone. Athletes taking the drug will enjoy stronger bones and a reduced risk of fractures.

The ability of SARMs to improve bone density has been documented over several decades. Since the invention of these drugs in the late 1990s, scientists have always reported that the SARMs prevent bone loss and strengthen bones in both men and women. The drugs also work within a reasonably short period, with most animal studies reporting positive effects in 6 or so weeks.

  • Facilitates Fat Loss

As your body gains more lean muscle mass, your metabolic rate rises, leading to a faster breakdown of adipose and calories. This results in considerable fat loss.

LGD3033 also helps your body to break down stored fat for energy. This reduces adipose around the waist, thighs, and arms.

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The best part about using SARMs like LGD3033 to burn fat, especially if you are a bodybuilder, is it does not attack your hard-earned muscle gains.

You should know that the SARM’s fat-burning ability is not very dramatic. Therefore, it’ll only give you a slight fat loss which is usually enough to make the user’s muscles pop. But if you want more drastic fat loss, you should consider other more powerful cutting SARMs.

  • Improves Muscle Strength and Stamina

LGD3033 is great for boosting muscle strength and endurance. It fills the body with raw energy and power, making it easier to lift weights. This is also one of the quickest effects of taking the drug. Most users report feeling a surge in energy, strength, and stamina within the first few days of taking the supplement. This helps in sustaining strenuous training sessions for faster muscle-building results.

How do the benefits of LGD3033 compare to LGD4033’s? The debate on whether LGD3033 is an improvement of Ligandrol is very hard to resolve, mainly because there is no sufficient clinical data on these compounds. However, there are a few differences that may sway you into trying one over the other. For instance, LGD3033 is known to be a dry SARM which means it supports muscle growth and preservation without inducing water retention. This has an excellent cosmetic effect since it leaves remarkable muscle definition, especially after a cutting cycle.

One can also argue that although both of them may be potent for muscle growth, LGD4033 is the better alternative since it retains some water reducing the risk of injuries. That argument is valid as well.

In summary, the ultimate decision will be based on your desired outcome. Are you looking for detailed muscle definition, or is your priority bulking?

Side Effects

No drug comes without side effects, unfortunately. LGD 3303 is fairly low on this matter given that the dosage is administered correctly and safely and most tend to be temporary, but there are still some possibilities to be aware of.

  • Testosterone supression (loss of body hair, exhaustion, reduced sex drive, mood swings)
  • Breast tissue swelling in women
  • Increase in blood pressure
  • Increase in body temperature
  • Potential to increase cholesterol
  • Potential to cause imbalance in testosterone levels
  • Short half life
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Drugs that have a shorter half life mean that you will see results very quickly, however they also wear off rapidly. Therefore LGD 3303 needs to be taken more often than some other forms of SARMs. Generally a SARMs dose would last around 22 hours, but LGD 3303 has a half life of around 6. This means it is to be taken 3 times each day making administering a bit more difficult with the potential to cause instability in effect.

How to Use

LGD 3303 is taken orally in the form of tablets. Normally this drug can be found in doses of 10mg. Since the half life is shorter, best results are shown when taking multiple times a day. It is recommended to take 20+mg per day, maximum 3 times per day. If you do choose to administer like this, ensure that you are separating the doses, ie one in the morning, midday and evening. If you are intended to lose weight, two or three tablets each day shows the most effects. Try to stick to the same intake timings.

If you are suffering from lowered sex drive, is it an option to consider taking PCT (Post Cycle Therapy), along side it. This works by restoring the natural testosterone levels in the body and reducing estrogen. The recommended dose lasts for 2-8 weeks and for some they are to be taken up to 6 times a day. PCT supplement can also be prescribed to treat breast cancer.

LGD 3303 does have a greater impact on weakening libido than other SARMs, however it is generally only temporary so not to worry, it is normal for the process. Some service users have actually reported that they felt an increase in sex drive after taking the drug and enjoyed the enhancement. The medication will affect everybody differently. Due to this the choice of using PCT should be decided by personal experience.

Many supplements available in the market can only focus on one – either bulking or cutting. LGD 3303 focuses on both.

Since it is quite aggressive it is important to take breaks between each cycle of at least 4 weeks. Further information should be provided to you with the instructions on how to use it.

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