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What is LGD2226

LGD 2226 is an orally active drug that is commonly used by athletes in treatment for osteoporosis. It also treats muscle wasting, which is a problem most athletes face due to a frequented workout schedule.

Along with being an investigational Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM), this drug also has muscle building effects on bone and muscle tissues. Given this, one would expect LGD 2226 to have a significant impact on the prostate.

However, that’s not true. It has a low-level impact on the prostate, which makes LGD 2226 considerably safe for consumption. Athletes mostly use it to enhance their stamina and energy. It also helps them in fitness and their workouts.

Short Medical History

The LGD 2226 is a very powerful selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM), which works like other SARMs, except it focuses on the bone and muscle cells very heavily. It is the optimal drug to trigger the androgenic action in your body, mainly when your testosterone levels are not able to do so.

The body produces testosterone regularly, but in some instances, the hormones may or may not be enough to kickstart the androgenic action, which helps in workouts and stamina production. Thus, this drug then becomes like a supplement that helps your body in triggering the androgenic action. This action releases the chemicals in your body that are required for you to sustain a challenging workout or any activity that involves any amount of stamina.

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In fact, even if your body does produce stamina, it may still be challenging to retain that due to the temporary nature of its release. This is the primary reason why most people, after a workout, feel incredibly tired. This is because, during the training, they may have the testosterone and stamina to continue without feeling the muscle tension. However, once it stops, the muscle retracts, and the pain starts.

With the LGD 2226, this stamina will be retained, and your muscles will not lose their gains and, thus, will be intact. It activates androgenic activities in such a way that it gives your body an adequate amount of testosterone and stamina needed, not more and not less. Due to this, the body also recovers fast. However, it is a new drug with a stark resemblance to the MK-667, so most people just treat it as such.


The LGD 2226 has little to no side effects, especially considering that it does not affect the prostate at all (or the product is minimal to negligible). In addition, this drug is very safe for common consumption, especially for athletes, as it reduces muscle wasting, increases stamina, boosts energy, and supports the body in workouts and fitness training.

This drug has incredible fat loss properties and can help build muscle. So, it is practically made for people who desire a fit body. The LGD 2226 has the same effects as any anabolic steroid but with none of the side effects.

While anabolic steroids cause exponential psychological and physiological issues like prostate growth and anxiety, the LGD 2226 comes with nothing of the sort. This drug also improves your cardiovascular endurance. This means it will help you endure through challenging workouts and fitness training, whether you’re an athlete or not. It helps in fast recovery from any workout that you partake in and allows you to go about your day without feeling like your body is sore.

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LGD 2226 also helps out with bone density. For aging people, it allows the bones to recover and strengthen significantly. It also improves body performance in various ways. Benefitting to both genders, it helps you in cultivating a high rate of versatility.

It keeps your gains made up for longer periods. It is the best drug for those who have a testosterone deficiency in their bodies. Additionally, it also helps increase and create more lean muscle mass, which helps you in weight loss, body composition, and muscle building.

Side Effects

LGD 2226 has little to no side effects as it does not affect the body’s prostate area since its main focus is primarily on the muscle and bone cells. However, given the fact that it is a new drug, it needs time to be experimented on and for the side effects, if any, to become known to researchers.

How To Use LGD 2226

The LGD 2226 is an orally administered drug, which means it is consumed through the oral passage (like syrups and tablets) instead of injections. You can take it like you would any other drug, with water or juice. There are clinical trials still being done, which means the exact dosage that should be administered is not out yet.

However, owing to the drug’s popularity, it is bound to come out soon. Most people using this drug are consuming minimal amounts so as to get the benefits without causing any potential harm to the body.

This SARM can be consumed by any gender, and it will be equally beneficial as it only primarily caters to the bones and muscle cells. Since it is very close to the MK-667, most people are just assuming the same dosage for the LGD 2226 as well. However, it is wiser to start out with a smaller dosage so as to see what your body is comfortable with and how it receives the drug.

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As of now, the recommended dosage for men is 20 mg every day for a 12 to 16-week cycle. However, beginners should try out the 12-week cycle first. For women, the recommended dosage is 15 mg every day with the same cycle periods. For both sexes, it is recommended that you take it 30 to 40 minutes before you start your workout session.

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