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CrossFit works by strengthening and conditioning the individual with various high-intensity workouts that change each day. The core attributes of which are quick recovery and overall body strength. SARMs can help with these attributes by increasing the body’s lean muscle mass and strength while also amplifying the rate of recovery after intense workouts.

The Best 3 SARMs for Crossfit


MK-677, also known as Ibutamoren, is commonly sold as a SARM for performance enhancement and considered as the best sarm for crossfit. It influences the ghrelin receptor and prompts an increased secretion of the human growth hormone.

History: Merck & Co, a multinational pharmaceutical company, developed MK-677 to study its possible effects on the human growth hormone. Lumos Pharma is currently testing the supplement as a potential treatment for growth hormone deficiencies in children and elderly adults.

Benefits: Healthy individuals taking the supplement have noted increased lean muscle growth, more efficient recovery in less time, increased strength, and improved sleep quality.

Side Effects: While no human clinical trials have been done, personal anecdotal evidence shows that mild side effects, such as increased appetite and tingling in the fingers, are common. More severe side effects, such as insulin sensitivity, are only shown in long-term use and can be avoided if the supplement is cycled out every few months.

Recommended Dosage: For increased strength and help with CrossFit workouts, a standard dose of 12 mg a day is recommended for the first few weeks. Then, after the individual is used to the supplement’s effects, the dosage can be increased to 25 mg a day.

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YK11 is a potent selective androgen receptor modulator that enables excessive muscle production in the body. Unlike other SARMs, YK11 is also a myostatin inhibitor, which helps stop the wasting of muscles. The combination of both makes YK11 an effective supplement for individuals wanting to increase their strength and recovery time while still increasing their size.

History: Originally, YK11 was developed as a possible treatment for cancer patients who suffered muscle loss. In clinical studies with lab mice, YK11 was shown to greatly increase their muscular growth over a short period.

Benefits: Healthy individuals who have used YK11 have reported an increase in lean muscle mass, increased strength while taking the supplement, and an enhanced rate of recovery after intense workout and strength training sessions.

Side Effects: YK11 does come with several potential side effects that vary from mild to severe. These can include increased joint pain, aggressive tendencies, suppression of testosterone, and increased liver toxicity. The more severe side effects can be mitigated by taking supplements to support the liver and joints, as well as a proper PCT cycle after a round of the SARM.

Recommended Dosage: To get the most out of this SARM, a standard dosage of 10 mg a day is sufficient for most individuals. The dose can be increased up to 20 mg a day if an individual is experienced with taking SARMs, but evidence suggests that the increased dose does not translate to increased benefits.

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RAD140, also known as Testolone, is a popular research SARM often used in the workout and bodybuilding community. Its effective use as a muscle-building supplement has made it a favorite among individuals wanting to enhance their body and strength.

History: RAD140 was originally developed and studied by the biopharmaceutical company Radius Health, Inc. In 2020 it was licensed out to Ellipses Pharmaceuticals, and they are currently performing clinical trials of the SARM.

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Benefits: By assisting the body with synthesizing proteins, RAD140 helps to increase muscle mass and strength while also reducing recovery time.

Side Effects: As RAD140 is a research SARM, the list of side effects are not conclusive or proven. Personal users of RAD140 have noted side effects such as kidney pain, insomnia, brain fog, increased aggression, and depression while using the SARM.

Recommended Dosage: RAD140 is a potent SARM, and for beginners, it is advised to go with a smaller standard dose of 5 mg a day. Once the body gets used to the SARM, it can be increased to a daily dose of 10 mg.

Overall, SARMs that are best to use to enhance an individual’s CrossFit workout can increase the strength and improve the individual’s recovery time. The increase in strength will allow for a better, more intense workout, while an improved recovery time will prompt the body to heal faster.

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