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What is Ibutamoren?

Ibutamoren, also called Nutrobal or MK-667, is an investigational drug most commonly used by athletes to enhance their workouts and build more stamina. It is also a GH secretagogue which assists in the development of bodily functions and the body itself. This drug is not a steroid and nor is it a SARM.

Instead, it is called a growth hormone, which essentially helps in muscle retention and reverses the aging process. It is not a fully legalized drug yet, so the full extent of its benefits and side effects may not be available. However, let’s dive into some of the details that researchers have provided for Ibutamoren.

Short Medical History

Ibutamoren, as mentioned earlier, is an investigational drug. This means it is being tested by researchers and is not easily available in the market. It is a growth hormone that has minimal side effects. The main confusion that most people often have is whether this drug is a steroid or a SARM. Well, it is neither. Instead, it is a GH secretagogue, which is another way of saying ‘growth hormone.’

It is mostly used by people who have high-intensity workout routines or play physically intensive sports that enable a requirement for growth hormones to develop the body. This drug is also used to retain muscles, improve your mood, or generate a better sleep cycle. Along with other functions, Nutrobal is also a great fat reducer as it helps you carry out intense routines without fatigue or sore muscles.

Multiple studies have been done to investigate the efficacy of Ibutamoren. In some of these studies, the drug has been observed to increase lean body mass without changing visceral fat and total fat mass.

The drug is currently under investigation for numerous medicinal uses. Some studies are looking at its potential use in treating growth hormone deficiency in children and the elderly. Merck & Co. are also investigating its benefits in treating fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s disease, fractures, and muscle wasting in patients with chronic kidney disorders.

The preclinical data on Ibutamoren is very promising. However, it’s still considered an Investigational New Drug, so it is not approved for human consumption. At least not in the US. Still, the drug is available on the market as a research chemical. This is where many fitness enthusiasts get MK677 from and use it for bodybuilding purposes.

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Benefits of MK677

Ibutamoren benefits are very similar to those of selective androgen receptor modulators. It is, actually, marketed as a SARM despite having a different mechanism of action. Nevertheless, many bodybuilders report impressive results even after running short MK677 cycles. And unlike your typical SARMs, this growth hormone secretagogue delivers additional unique benefits.

Boosts Lean Muscle Mass

MK677 is popular among advanced bodybuilders for its effectiveness in increasing muscle growth. Growth hormone is responsible for many processes in the body, including muscle growth. The increase in GH initiated by MK677 results in faster and bigger muscle growth.

Ibutamoren boosts muscle growth in all users. However, the speed and size of the gains are dependent on various factors. Studies show that the people who take MK677 and complement it with a protein-rich diet and resistance training usually get the best results.

Other than boosting muscle growth, MK677 can be used to prevent muscle wasting. This happens a lot in individuals with catabolic conditions or chronic conditions like cancer. However, it’s best to consult your physician before using it.

Ibutamoren’s ability to prevent muscle wasting also makes it a decent option for bodybuilders entering a cutting phase. The growth hormone secretagogue preserves your lean muscle gains while taking a calorie-deficit diet. It can even help you gain a few pounds during cutting cycles.

Improves Bone Density

Studies show Ibutamoren can increase bone mineral density in postmenopausal women. Researchers also suggest it can be just as beneficial to obese individuals and older adults. By increasing bone density, MK677 reduces osteoporosis.

Athletes can benefit hugely from stronger bones. For one, it reduces the risk of fractures which are very common in the gym. Stronger bones also increase your body’s capacity to house all the lean muscle gains you are getting.

Supports Healing

Growth hormone supports the repair of tissues in the body. High GH levels speed up the healing processes of wounds and certain types of injuries. This growth hormone achieves this by increasing connective tissues and blood supply around the wound or injury.

MK677 reduces the time spent on the sidelines and in the hospital. It is so effective on virtually all types of injuries that most athletes experience.

Improves Skin and Hair Health

This is a benefit you don’t see with SARMs and some other performance enhancers. Growth hormone plays a vital role in the maintenance of elastic and healthy skin and hair. That’s why people with growth hormone deficiency usually have poor skin and hair health.

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Ibutamoren boosts GH levels making your skin more elastic. Your hair will grow longer and stronger.

In simple terms, growth hormone makes your skin and hair glow.

Boosts Mental Health

Ibutamoren improves mental health through stress and anxiety relief. Individuals struggling with mild depression can also benefit hugely from MK677.

Enhances Sleep

Growth hormone is essential for high-quality sleep. Trials show MK677 increases GH well enough to enhance different aspects of your sleep. Some of these studies report it can increase Rem by 20% and Phase IV by a staggering 50%!

In addition to the studies, many Ibutamoren users testify to noticeably better sleep quality after just a few weeks of taking MK677.

With better sleep, other parts of your life will improve as well. For instance, sufficient sleep helps your brain to rest and function optimally when called upon. Quality sleep is also good for muscle growth and regeneration.

May Boost Longevity

Combine all the above benefits, and you will realize that Ibutamoren can indeed boost longevity.

Many aging symptoms are a result of reduced growth hormone levels. Talk of skin wrinkles, greying and falling hair, weak and brittle bones, muscle wasting, etc. MK677 boosts growth hormone and prevents all these symptoms. The clinical trials on this subject are limited, but evidence showing MK677 increases GH and slow aging in 65-year-old men and women.

Other reported benefits of Ibutamoren are:

  • Better sex life
  • Enhanced nervous system. It can also promote the healing of nerves.
  • Supports performance of vital organs like the kidney and heart
  • Boosts energy levels

Ibutamoren Side Effects

Since Ibutamoren is not a steroid or a SARM, this drug’s side effects are minimal to none. However, when using the drug, one has to be mindful of what one may experience. Since it is a growth hormone, you may face some changes in your body, which will wear off with the passage of some time.

Additionally, it is also important to note that an unregulated consumption of any kind of drug is harmful. So, if you take too much of Ibutamoren, then you may have to deal with some side effects pertinent to the kind of health and body you have.

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A high and unregulated dosage may cause water retention in your body. This means there will be more bloating, and your muscles will not be stiff. Similarly, an unregulated amount may also cause high sugar levels, which may be harmful depending on your pre-existing conditions. This drug can also make you feel very lazy, which is why most people consume it at night before sleeping.

How To Use

MK677 is supposed to be orally consumed, mixed with either water or juices. Most people use the drug in cycles. These cycles can range from 10 weeks to 16 weeks. The general dosage for a healthy adult is 10 mg per day, which is to be increased to 25 mg marginally throughout the period of 16 weeks.

This is because you have to gauge the body’s response to the slow changes brought about by the drug. The length of the cycle is also prolonged so that the hormones get sufficient time to begin their work and show effect.

Sometimes, people may use the drug for a cycle of 16 weeks and then go on a 5 weeks break. This is then repeated for a few cycles until the person gets their desired body shape and type. On the other hand, some people take this drug for years on end, without taking any breaks. This is not recommended. However, it can be self-determined based on your body’s response and how you want to pursue the building of your bodily muscles.

The most that scientists would recommend is to take it for a 16 to 20 weeks cycle and then give yourself a few weeks off before you start again. It is easy to use this drug because it does not have any side effects other than those mentioned above. With this in mind, you can take it at your comfort. However, you should immediately stop using it the moment you face any drastic side effects.


Conclusively, Ibutamoren is one of the best supplements for muscle growth out there. With minimal to no side effects, it has come out as one of the best ways to improve your stamina and hormone growth routines. It also comes with immense benefits, so people of all ages, sexes, and sizes use them. However, since it has not been officially released and legalized yet, it is difficult to find in the market.

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