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SARMs, while typically used to bulk up muscle and increase fat burn, can also be taken to help heal an injury faster. Most selective androgen receptor modulators work with the body to better synthesize the proteins needed for muscle building and repair. If a muscle, tendon, or bone has been injured, the use of certain SARMs can speed up the recovery process.


Andarine, also known as S4, is a research SARM used by bodybuilders and workout enthusiasts to build muscle and cut fat. We consider it as the best sarm for healing. Some studies have noted that Andarine also increases the rate of healing and recovery in muscles, as well as increases the mineral density in bones, making them stronger.

History: Andarine was developed and studied by GTx Pharmaceuticals for its potential as a restorative treatment for individuals afflicted with muscle and bone wasting disorders, as well as those suffering from an enlarged prostate.

Benefits: Healthy individuals who have used Andarine note an increase in fat loss, increased muscle size and strength, and quick recovery after workouts. Those who have taken it with muscle and tendon injuries found that their recovery time was shortened, and they could better work the injury without pain.

Side Effects: Side effects of taking Andarine are unsupported due to it still being classified as a research chemical. Anecdotal reports from users record side effects such as vision sensitivity when going from a dark room to a light room or vice versa, a yellow or green tint to their vision, testosterone suppression, mild liver toxicity, and hair loss.

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Recommended Dosage: It is generally advised to begin taking Andarine daily at 25 mg, and after a month, the dose can be increased to 50 mg daily if desired. But side effects are noted as being more prevalent at higher dosages, especially the vision changes.

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Enobosarm, also known as Ostarine, is a selective androgen receptor modulator that is popular in the bodybuilding and workout community for its effect on muscle size and strength. It also boasts a faster recovery time for post-workout exhaustion or injuries.

History: The University of Tennessee Research Foundation originally developed Enobosarm, but they licensed the SARM out for research in 1997 to GTx Inc. GTx Inc. has since been putting the SARM through a variety of clinical trials to gauge its effectiveness in treating various ailments.

Benefits: Individuals using Enobosarm for muscle, tendon, and bone repair note that it soothed pain associated with the injury and accelerated its healing. Healthy individuals using the SARM typically experience accelerated muscle growth, increased stamina, and faster fat loss.

Side Effects: Anecdotal evidence supports varying degrees of severity in the side effects associated with Enobosarm. These side effects include loss of libido, depression, fatigue, increased appetite, and insomnia.

Recommended Dosage: The standard dosing guide for Enobosarm includes 15 mg daily for a beginner and up to 25 mg for someone more experienced with SARMs. It is only recommended to use the SARM for up to eight weeks before cycling with PCT.

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MK-677, also known as Ibutamoren, is commonly sold as a SARM for its muscle building and fat loss effects. It works by stimulating the ghrelin receptors in the body and increasing the amount of the released human growth hormone. The human growth hormone works to actively repair muscles and tendons of injuries.

History: MK-677 was engineered by the pharmaceutical company Merck & Co. for its potential use in the treatment of reduced hormone levels. It is currently being tested in clinical trials to treat elderly fragility and low hormones in the elderly and children.

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Benefits: Injured users note that MK-677 sped up their recovery time and allowed more movement in the injured area to work the muscle or tendon. Healthy individuals experience increased muscle growth, improved sleep quality, and increased strength.

Side Effects: MK-677 can cause a range of side effects, varying from mild to severe. These side effects include increased anxiety, water retention, increased appetite, and insulin sensitivity.

Recommended Dosage: For use in healing, a standard dosage of 20 mg a day of MK-677 is advised. It is not recommended to take it for more than 12 weeks at a time, as most of the more serious adverse reactions occur after prolonged usage.

Overall, SARMs can help speed up recovery in most individuals with muscle, tendon, or bone injuries. While it is not the primary use of SARMs, the mechanisms of action that boost muscle growth can also accelerate the body’s healing and soothe the pain while healing.

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