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One of the greatest strength-sports known to humanity is powerlifting. It has made it to the Olympics as one of the most exciting competitions to watch. It is a strength-sport that allows the participant three attempts at lifting maximum weight on three activities: deadlift, bench press, and squat.

The athlete has to attempt a maximal weight in a single lift of a loaded barbell that has weight plates. It requires brute strength, strong bones, a focused mental state, and an overall high level of athletic performance.

The athletic world is seeing an increase in the usage of supplements to help athletes perform their best. We’re coming out of a dark period of anabolic steroid use that causes a lot of controversy and a plethora of health issues. In the fitness and medical world, there’s a new class of drugs that are giving much hope to the powerlifting community.

SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators) are becoming the number one choice among serious athletes looking for a performance enhancement supplement. The market has become inundated with various brands that promote the different types of SARMs that exist. Each type of SARM is designed with a formula that targets certain functions.

This article will explore the best SARMs for powerlifting and how you can navigate the various options so that you can choose the best one for you. Selecting the best SARM for powerlifting can be challenging, especially with the collection of online data that exists. Since SAMRs don’t have a long history of clinical research, athletes rely on the experience of users that have had success.

For powerlifting, we will focus on the SARMs designed for gaining strength. They can help you gain muscle, achieve the most out of your workouts, break personal records, and avoid the bloated condition you often experience from anabolic steroids.

If you’re looking to get the maximum results from a powerlifting supplement, read on to find out why SARMs are becoming the choice of powerlifters across the world.

Powerlifting is all about strength. Experts recommend powerlifters to stack SARMs, meaning to take a combination of various types because they work synergistically. When SARMs are stacked, they will give you the best results and will each work in their powerful unique ways.

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1.Testolone – RAD-140

This effective SARM has been involved in clinical studies for the replacement of testosterone. Testolone has been proven to work in various ways. Rad 140 is the best sarm for powerlifting. It provides great strength building effects compared to others on the market.

rad 140

It is considered to be a mild formula, but very effective. This makes it perfect for stacking with other SARMs. Along with improving muscle strength, Testolone also provides powerlifters with the physical and mental stamina they need to carry out their sport. This formula has been used with great results for bulking quickly.

Testolone provides the extra energy necessary for prolonged powerlifting training sessions. More clinical research is underway. Current research shows an increase in muscle mass by 8-19 pounds in seven weeks. It is fast-acting, which is ideal for those who do professional powerlifting competitions.

Testolone Dosage

For those who are just getting started with SARMs, it is recommended to start the dosage at 8 to 10 mg per day. More experienced users can go up to a maximum of 20 mg per day. Users must limit their intake to no more than 10-week cycles. It is plenty of time to see results. The body will need a break from it after 10 weeks, and you’ll be able to resume after your body comes back into balance.

Testolone Benefits

When taking Testolone you’ll quickly see an increase in testosterone. This drug helps you build muscle quickly, increases your muscular strength, gives you a boost of energy and stamina, increases the density of muscles and bones, protects your brain cells from age-related damage, and helps you burn body fat efficiently.

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2. Andarine – S-4

Andarine is one of the best SARMs on the market today. It was developed by a Japanese company for the treatment of breast cancer. It has been widely used in the medical field for the treatment of osteoporosis, muscle wasting, and arthritis. It is no wonder it is preferred by powerlifters.

Powerlifting puts the whole body through trauma, which is why athletes need to have additional recovery support. Andarine helps the body with tissue repair of the muscles and bones, plus it provides relief from pain.

It is great for wear-and-tear injuries often seen in the powerlifting arena. Because it has a gentle formula, it is ideal for stacking with other SARMs. This allows maximum results in the shortest amount of time possible.

Andarine strengthens bones while helping powerlifters achieve maximum muscular strength. Gaining muscle weight is an essential part of powerlifting. This supplement makes you physically stronger by helping the body build quality muscle mass.

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Andarine Dosage

It is recommended to take Andarine at 50 to 75 mg per day for 12-16 weeks. For the best experience, take it with meals and divide the daily dosage three times per day.

Andarine Benefits

Users who engage in powerlifting have seen significant improvement in muscle mass gain, decreased body fat, increased density and strength of muscles and bones, and more powerful stamina.

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3. Ostarine – MK–2866

Another best choice for powerlifters is Ostarine. It has proved to the very effective for building strength and endurance. It is one of the most potent and effective SARMs on the market as well as one of the safest. Clinical studies are being performed on this SARM as well.

Since they are all fairly new to the scientific world, they have yet to have data to back them. However, powerlifters both professional and not, have reported great results from taking Ostarine. It has been shown to increase lean muscle mass, retain muscle tone, decrease body fat, and build dense muscle regardless of nutritional support. Of course, it is best to consume a healthy diet with plenty of nutrients that support overall health.

Ostarine gives the bones the density and strength they need to engage in powerlifting. It has been used for patients who suffer from osteoporosis and those who have muscle degenerative diseases. Powerlifters report having more strength and endurance while taking this supplement.

Ostarine Dosage

You may take Ostarine for a cycle of 4-6 weeks at 25 to 36 mg per day. It is best to start at a low dosage and for the shortest period of time to let your body get accustomed to it.

Ostarine Benefits

This is a type of SARM that is effective for increasing overall strength. It helps the body retain lean muscle mass while decreasing body fat. Users have seen an increase in endurance and report having high levels of stamina and energy during their workouts.

In addition, Ostarine helps the body maintain healthy lipid levels, which is a good indicator of cardiovascular health.

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Stack SARMs For Best Results

Many powerlifters have found they get the maximum benefit from taking SARMs by stacking various types. If you are an experienced athlete that has practiced powerlifting for a while, your body will probably be ready to use a stacked regimen of SARMs.

Stacking is not recommended for beginners. The results are extreme and your body has to be used to the high-power workouts that more experienced athletes have achieved. No matter, which levels you’re at, SARMs will be beneficial whether stacked or not. Go easy at the beginning, you’ll certainly see powerful results.

Why Are SARMs Effective For Powerlifting?

Unlike steroids, SARMs allow powerlifters and other athletes to enjoy their unique advantages that include:

  • SARMs don’t convert to estrogen or DHT that can cause undesired effects
  • Injections are not necessary, many can be ingested orally
  • They do not cause damage to the liver
  • There are no reports of adverse effects, only mild side effects for some people

Another great advantage of using SARMs in sports is that they are perfectly legal and are becoming more widely accepted. Because of their use for medical purposes, SARMs are perceived in the fitness world as a quality supplement that the body needs to perform at high levels. It is an accepted practice, especially during professional competitions.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re ready to give your powerlifting routine a significant boost like it hasn’t seen before, trying a cycle of stacked SARMs is one of the best options known by athletes. The different types of SARMs combine to give you unparalleled strength while giving your body the energy and endurance it needs to carry out intense workouts.

Look for high-quality brands from authorized distributors. The performance enhancement market is full of knock offs and substandard products. It is important to consume only the best quality and give your body the pure formulas made by trusted sources. You’ll find great resources online that will guide you as you start your new regimen.

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