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The decision on which store to buy your SARMs from is something you shouldn’t take lightly. One of the differences between an excellent SARMs experience and a terrible one is the quality of the products used. Quality is determined by the store selling the SARMs. Making the wrong choice here not only denies you the incredible benefits of SARMs, but it also leaves you exposed to potential health risks.

1. Science Bio

Science Bio is the best SARMs dealer of 2020. The company was initially known as IRC.Bio before it was rebranded to Science Bio. While several aspects of their business changed during the rebranding, the quality of their SARMs was never compromised. If anything, they only got better.
Science Bio is among the few SARMs dealers that do 3rd party lab analysis and publish the results on their website.

Why is this important? Well, independent lab tests give us a clearer picture of how pure and potent a drug is. It gets rid of the issue of conflict of interest since it’s hard to find a manufacturer saying bad things about themselves. Science Bio publishes the results, and they even provide details on the lab that carried out the tests.

The quality of their SARMs is supported further by the incredible user reviews online.
Science Bio also has a very exhaustive product inventory. All the big names like Ligandrol, Ostarine, Testolone, and Cardarine are available here. You can also buy them in solution or powder form. In addition to SARMs, Science Bio also sells other research chemicals like nootropics.

  • Shipping and Return Policy
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Most of the orders placed before 12 pm PST are shipped on the same day, while the rest are processed and shipped in the next business day. They also offer free international shipping for orders above $300.

You can return unopened orders within 30 days of receipt to get a full refund minus the shipping charges.

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2. Chemyo

Chemyo is another impressive SARMs dealer that guarantees purity and quality. Unlike Science Bio, this dealer specializes in SARMs only. They also have some useful supplies like droppers, PEG 400 Solvent, and K&B Solutions.

The quality of Chemyo SARMs is one of the best around. They submit their compounds to S&N Labs in Santa Ana, California, where they are tested for identity, purity, and potency. Their compounds always come back with a 99% chromatographic purity score!

Something else amazing about Chemyo is the volume of their bottles. Most of the SARMs on the market, including ones from Science Bio, come in 30ml bottles. Chemyo gives you 50ml bottles! The best part? The prices are still very reasonable! For instance, Science Bio sells a 30ml bottle of Cardarine for $44.99 while a 50ml bottle of the same SARM is retailing at $50.00 at Chemyo, and yes, the concentration of the two SARMs is the same!

Shipping and Return Policy
Orders placed before noon are usually processed and shipped on the same day. Most of the domestic orders are delivered within 4 days. International orders may take up to 14 days.

You can contact Chemyo through the provided email address or phone line if you want to return or cancel an order.

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3. Swiss Chems

Swiss Chems has the best product inventory of the three SARMs dealers. This makes it a great option for anyone who wants to make a bulk purchase of different research chemicals. They are also good for business people since they also offer wholesale prices.

Some of the products you can find at this store are SARMs, Peptides, PCT drugs, Nootropics, Kratom, and Male Enhancement Pills.
All their products are made in the US. The research chemicals like SARMs are also submitted for independent labs test. They have a dedicated webpage for all the lab test results. Buyers are also free to request an additional HPLC test done by an HPLC-licensed lab of their choice. If the compounds fail the test, Swiss Chems will give you a full refund!

  • Shipping and Return Policy

Swiss Chems provides fast domestic and international shipping.
They have a 14-day money-back guarantee, but you will be charged a 15% restocking fee if you return an order. Shipping charges are never refunded.

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