Noopept is currently known as one of the most widely used synthetic nootropics, it is classified as a dipeptide Piracetam analog. It is used as a supplement for brain function with clinical research that proves it is as effective as Piracetam but requires a lower dose.

It is mostly used by professionals and students that want to enhance cognitive function. We will discuss everything you need to know about this drug, how it works, its benefits, clinical research, and side effects.

If you’re wondering if Noopept is the right drug for you to enhance your cognitive function, continue reading about this exciting brain supplement.

What is Noopept?

This drug is also known as N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester or GSV-111. It is part of the racetam class of nootropics and was created in 1996 in Russia.

With a structure based on cycloprolylglycine, it is designed to promote the expression of Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor as an endogenous neuropeptide. Clinical researchers proved that a cycloprolylglycine-based nootropic would work to enhance brain function.

This drug is a dipeptide conjugate of Piracetam, but it is more potent by weight.

How Does it Work?

Noopept is classified as a prodrug of cycloprolylglycine, which is a neuropeptide that functions in two ways in the brain: It increases the release of BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor and it also influences neurotransmitter systems.

The Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor leads to the proliferation, differentiation, and growth of new brain neurons. Clinical research has shown that when BDNF is increased, there is more neuron density and increased synaptogenesis, which is the process that involves a neurotransmitter release site formation and the receptive field.

In other words, increased levels of BDNF lead to higher cognitive functions including verbal fluency, memory, focus, and learning.

Clinical research backs up this drug’s performance. It shows that it greatly increases BDNF and other neurotrophic factors. The drug enhances neuroplasticity simultaneously in various regions of the brain.

This drug is active on glutamate receptors such as the AMPA receptors, which modulate fast synaptic transmission in the CNS (central nervous system). At the same time, it promotes the availability of acetylcholine, which is the brain’s primary executive neurotransmitter.

This leads to the excitability of the central nervous system and the speedy transfers of synaptic information. More available acetylcholine enhances learning, focus, muscle function, and verbal fluency.

Noopept is a very potent drug compared to similar substances such as racetams. It is quick to cross the blood-brain barrier and is extremely bioavailable. It is also quickly metabolized and eliminated by the body.

The drug is used as a fast-acting cognitive enhancing compound instead of a long-term brain therapy.

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Since this drug both stimulates acetylcholine and improves the levels of BDNF and NGF, it has a large number of diverse benefits.

Benefits of using this drug include the following:

  • Promotes growth of new brain tissue
  • Increases neuroplasticity
  • Increases alertness
  • Improves memory
  • Enhances focus, concentration, and attention
  • Promotes brain health and decreases oxidative stress
  • Decreases anxiety and enhances excitability

These benefits arise from higher numbers of acetylcholine receptors and greater long-term levels of BDNF and NGF. The combined mechanism of action leads to the optimization of brain function. It improves all functions of the brain even in small ways.

Anecdotal reports indicate that people who use the drug see quick improvements in focus, information processing, and other executive cognitive functions. There are short and long-term benefits of enhancing neuropeptide availability.

Potential Side Effects

Noopept has to be further studied to determine its side effects and long-term health considerations. The clinical studies that exist now along with the large amount of anecdotal reports point to Noopept causing mild side effects including:

  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Confusion
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Brain fog
  • General cognitive impairment
  • Not being able to focus on one particular thing
  • Short-term memory loss
  • Drowsiness

Long-term effects are yet to be studied. There is no clinical research that gives users the certainty that this drug can be used for long-term therapy. Most users take the substance daily for a cycle of 60 days with a long break afterward.

This type of use is not showing to cause long-term negative effects, however, it is still too soon to tell with the current lack of clinical studies.

As with any drug that promotes acetylcholine activity and stimulates the glutamate receptor agonist, it has the potential to cause seizures. If you have a medical history of seizures, severe headaches, memory dysfunction, or any type of cognitive disturbances, it is important to consult with your physician before starting Noopept or any nootropic drug.

Altering your neurotransmitter receptors in any way needs to be done under the care of a physician.

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Noopept Dosage

The majority of people do well taking 10 to 30 mg per day. That is enough to produce the desired results without experiencing major side effects. All clinical research and anecdotal reports point to 20 mg per day as an amount enough to produce desired effects.

It is almost unheard of for people to take more than 30 mg per day. Users have more success with this drug starting at the lowest possible dose and gradually working their way up as needed.

For those who have never taken Noopept, the minimal dose of 10 mg per day is plenty to see results. You can see how your body reacts and what side effects you may face. If you feel you could use more, you can gradually increase the dosage in increments of 5 mg.

Depending on your body weight and physiology, you may not need a higher dosage to produce the expected results. You can risk major cognitive dysfunction and neurotoxicity if you take a dose higher than appropriate.

In addition to being mindful about the dosage, you also have to take breaks off the drug. You may use it daily for no more than 60 days at a time. After hitting the 60-day mark, you must get off the drug for at least several months before considering taking it again.

This will not only enhance the nootropic properties of this drug, but it will also save you from experiencing side effects and building a tolerance to the drug.


Noopept is extremely a fast-acting substance with a short half-life of only 60-90 minutes based on the person’s weight, physiology, and dosage taken. You can expect this drug to start working in only 20 minutes after taking it, making this drug one of the fastest-acting nootropics.

It peaks at about 60 minutes after consumption and lasts for about two hours. It is rare to still feel its effects after three hours. The full effects are felt after a few weeks of consistent use daily.

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Where Can I Find Noopept?

There are major trusted suppliers in the United States that sell high-quality nootropic compounds. You’ll easily find this drug from online vendors that guarantee its purity. You can also search for its generic name N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycie ethyl ester to find a brand you like besides Noopept.


When it comes to effective nootropics, Noopept is certainly one of the best on the market. Clinical research points to the safe use of this popular brain supplement. It has helped people enhance cognitive performance while improving the overall health of the brain.

More clinical research is underway to prove the positive effects it has on learning and memory. Current research studies prove that it significantly enhances neuropeptide levels in the brain.

It shows to increase acetylcholine receptor numbers and improve the overall cognitive performance of the user. The drug has the potential for beneficial long-term effects, however, more studies need to be conducted to learn more about the drug.

This is a serious nootropic compound that needs to be taken with caution. Since it acts on acetylcholine receptors and glutamate receptors, seizures could be a major concern. There are also side effects that the user needs to monitor.

If the serious side effects are a concern, you may look into natural nootropics that improve cognitive performance without the associated risks of a synthetic nootropic such as Noopept.

If you choose this drug, be sure to follow the suggested dosage and be let your body rest from the drug. Always consult with your doctor before starting a new supplement or drug. Start slow and monitor side effects to make adjustments as needed.

Remember that it acts very fast and is eliminated from your body quickly. This popular nootropic is certainly worth looking into if you are considering taking a cognitive performance-enhancing drug and are not satisfied with natural nootropics.

This formula may just be the solution you want to improve cognitive function and perform at your best. There is plenty of information about it online to help you make the best informed decision.

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