Human growth hormone (HGH) is an essential hormone naturally produced by our bodies. The hormone stimulates growth, cell regeneration, and other body functions. It’s one of the key chemicals that keep your skin and hair looking healthy. It’s also responsible for the growth of lean mass.

Unfortunately, HGH production reduces dramatically as we age. This is especially true once you hit 30 years old. And once the GH levels start to decline, you lose lean mass, your sex life suffers, the quality of your skin and hair starts deteriorating, and so on.

On the brighter side, you can use HGH boosters to increase the growth hormone. These products are not only good for sustaining the HGH functions, but they can actually optimize things like lean muscle growth. That’s why they are extremely popular among bodybuilders.

HyperGH 14X is one of the many HGH boosters you can buy at the moment. It’s marketed for bodybuilders and other athletes who want better performance and results from their workouts. But does it really work? And is it safe?

Let’s find out:

What Is Hypergh 14X?

HyperGH 14X is a natural HGH supplement produced by Leading Edge Health Inc. That’s the same company behind the vastly popular anti-aging HGH product Genf20 Plus.

HyperGH 14X uses an all-natural formula to boost your body’s ability to produce human growth hormones. This effectively makes HyperGH a much friendlier option than HGH injections.

Not just that, but it is also extremely safe. Most of the extracts used here already have lots of scientific data backing their safety. They don’t interfere with other key functions in the body other than what they are intended for.

Moreover, it’s made from FDA compliant and cGMP certified facilities.

Being a natural dietary supplement, Hypergh is easily available online. You don’t even need a doctor’s prescription to get the drug.

How Does HyperGH 14X Work?

HyperGh 14X comes in two products; some pills and a spray. They’re both formulated with natural ingredients, so you’re not getting any synthetic forms of growth hormone with these products.

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What they do is stimulate your body to produce more HGH on its own.

You should know that our bodies naturally produce optimal HGH when we are sleeping. This helps with recovery as well as growth. This is one of the things that HyperGH 14X targets.

The dosage taken just before you go to sleep stimulates your body to secrete more HGH than you would on ordinary occasions. The increased growth hormone then allows you to recover much better, build more lean mass, and enjoy many other benefits.

But that’s not the only thing this supplement does.

The pills also target what’s known as exercise-induced growth hormone response or EIGR. The research on EIGR is very limited, but data show that it can stimulate more HGH release when one is training. This is supposedly done to promote repair.

By targeting EIGR, this supplement increases the release of GH when you’re practicing. This helps to optimize your performance in the gym.

And where does the Alpha GPC oral spray come in?

The spray is used alongside the pills. It contains HGH releasing ingredients that are particularly effective at boosting growth hormone when you are sleeping.

It also boosts muscle endurance.

What Does HyperGH Contain?

HyperGH 14X has a very transparent formula. The product doesn’t hide behind a proprietary blend. Instead, the manufacturer has mentioned all the ingredients added plus their respective dosages. They even have a dedicated page citing the science behind their formula.

You don’t see this very often in the dietary supplements market.

Here are the 15 powerful ingredients used:

●     L-Arginine (520mg)

Multiple trials show L-Arginine stimulates HGH secretion even at old age. It can go as far as tripling our growth hormone levels!

The amino acid has been linked to numerous benefits like increased muscle mass, rapid fat loss, higher male fertility, faster healing, and enhanced immune response.

●     L-Tyrosine (400mg)

L-Tyrosine is used to secrete Thyroxine in the thyroid gland.

It combats fatigue and may help regulate depression and growth.

●     L-Glutamine (460mg)

L-glutamine has lots of benefits going well beyond bodybuilding. It boosts immunity, regulates blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and lowers the risk of diabetes and arthritis.

As for muscle growth, the amino acid promotes cell division and growth to improve your gains.

●     L-Glycine (460mg)

L-Glycine stimulates the pituitary gland to release more HGH. It’s also said to be good at calming the brain and boosting prostate health.

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●     L-Lysine (400mg)

L-Lysine works with L-arginine to boost HGH secretion and immune response. It may also be beneficial for male sexual health.

●     Tribulus Terrestris Extract (320mg)

A popular testosterone booster. It increases t-levels to enhance your body’s anabolic state and increase sex drive.

●     Astragalus Root Extract (240mg)

It increases stamina and strengthens your immunity.

●     Deer Antler Velvet (200mg)

It reportedly contains glucosamine, collagen, chondroitin, insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1). These chemicals enhance recovery, reduce joint pain, and promote HGH production.

●     GABA (200mg)

Gamma-aminobutyric acid triggers the production of human growth hormones.

Other ingredients present in the formula are:

  • Colostrum (200mg)
  • L-Valine (160mg)
  • Anterior Pituitary powder (120mg)
  • Phosphatidyl Choline (100mg)
  • L-Ornithine (100mg)
  • GTF Chromium (0.4mg)

HyperGH 14X Benefits

Based on the above formula and the anecdotal reports, HyperGH 14X users can expect:

1.   Faster recovery

The supplement will reduce your downtime significantly. It delays fatigue and ensures muscle tissues heal and recover at a very rapid rate.

2.   Increased muscle mass

Increased HGH levels will help you put on pound after pound of lean mass. It also helps you crash the plateau and get the best results from each training session.

3.   Reduced body fat percentage

The HGH booster increases metabolism. This results in the burning of fatty acids leading to weight loss. The breakdown of stored fat will also boost your energy and stamina.

Low body fat percentage is just what you want for better muscle definition and a ripped body.

4.   Improved sexual performance

Most of the ingredients used will enhance your performance in bed. For instance, Tribulus Terrestris increases sex drive.

5.   Better sleep quality

Increased HGH is good for your sleep. Studies show that it increases deep sleep, which in turn improves your body’s ability to make more growth hormones.

Is HyperGH 14X Safe?

HyperGH 14X is a well-tolerated HGH booster. It has a 100% natural formula making it extremely safe for users.

All the ingredients used are tested for efficacy and safety. They are also dosed expertly to ensure users are not subjected to high amounts that can be problematic.

Finally, the supplement is produced in FDA-recognized facilities. These are also certified cGMP. This means the risk of contamination and other issues is virtually non-existent.

While the supplement is generally safe, it is crucial to use it carefully to avoid unnecessary reactions. For starters, do not take more pills than is recommended. High dosages won’t give you better results. They’ll only increase the risk of severe adverse reactions.

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You should also screen the formula for any ingredients that you might be allergic to.

Lastly, be sure to consult your physician before taking the pills if you have a serious medical condition or are taking drugs for a different illness.

How To Use HyperGH 14X

Take the supplements twice per day. Two tablets in the morning before working out and the other two in the evening just before you go to bed.

Although it’s not a must, it’s advisable to use the pills alongside the oral spray. This spray should also be used twice per day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

How Fast Do The Results Appear?

The timeline varies from one user to the next. Some people may experience results much faster (between 4 and 6 weeks).

In other cases, you’ll need to wait a little longer before the results become evident.

Whatever the case, you should start seeing changes within the first 8 weeks of taking the supplement.

That said, you shouldn’t expect optimal results in a month. The HGH booster takes around 6 months to produce the absolute best results. Just be patient, use it consistently, and you’ll be more than delighted with the final outcome.

Where To Buy?

HyperGH 14X is available on its official website. The prices are very friendly, especially if you buy in bulk.

In fact, the recommended 6-month plan is currently retailing with a $129.75 bonus plus a free global shipping offer.

Take advantage of the discount while it’s still available.

Does HyperGH 14X Have A Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, it does. The vendor offers a no-questions-asked 67-day money-back guarantee. You’re free to try two boxes for 60 days, and if you’re not satisfied with the results, return the empty boxes, and you’ll get a full refund. Shipping charges excluded.

Final Thoughts: Does HyperGH 14X Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

Leading Edge Health Inc has a very compelling formula in HyperGH 14X. The amino acids and natural extracts used are backed with scientific evidence. User testimonials are also glowing with positive responses.

It’s also pretty safe, and the prices are reasonable, especially with the discounts in place. Therefore, the HGH supplement is worth your consideration