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Red Borneo Kratom is a popular Kratom strains on the market. As its name suggests, the strain comes from Borneo Island, located in Southeast Asia. This region is famous for producing powerful and highly beneficial Kratom strains. Red Borneo comes from the Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa plants that have red veins running through the leaves.

Like most of the other Red Vein strains, Red Borneo is famous for its calming effects. It’s said to be one of the best Kratoms for anxiety. Many people use it for social anxiety and to calm the body.

However, unlike some other strains, Red Borneo Kratom is not overwhelming, so it rarely induces side effects like drowsiness. Its effects set in gradually and can be quite long-lasting, which is a good thing.

Red Borneo Kratom Benefits

This unique Kratom strain is widely used for:

  • Promoting Relaxation

Red Vein Borneo is one of the best Kratom strains for relaxation. It’s very effective for dealing with issues such as anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Therefore, the Kratom strain can be an excellent option for anyone who’s having a hard time falling asleep due to stress or anxiety, but you have to use it in the right doses.

You should know that Red Vein Borneo can deal with different kinds of anxiety, including social anxiety and anxiety induced by past traumas.

  • Enhancing Mood

Mood enhancement is another reason many people love Red Borneo. The Kratom contains two key alkaloids, Corynoxine A and B, which are known for dopamine mediation. They support the activities of the “happy hormone” dopamine allowing the user to maintain a positive and cheerful mood. These compounds are also part of the reason for the effectiveness of Red Borneo as an anti-anxiety herb.

  • Relieving Pain
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Red Borneo is one of the best analgesic Kratom strains. Kratom is generally known for its pain-killing effects. This is actually one of the most common uses of Kratom worldwide. The herb is known for relieving both mild and chronic pain. However, the intensity of pain relief usually varies depending on the dosages used and the exact strain you are taking. Red Borneo is one of the most effective for chronic pain.

Its use as a pain killer dates back to ancient Indonesian tribes. Today, it’s widely used to ease chronic pain stemming from conditions such as fibromyalgia, scoliosis, and other types of pain. Some people also use it to numb post-surgery pain.

The advantage of using Red Vein Borneo as a pain killer is it doesn’t affect your energy levels. This means you can carry on with your usual tasks as the herb does its work in the background.

  • Easing Depression

Red Vein Borneo has powerful calming effects that can be effective for depression. It can reduce the intensity and frequency of depressive episodes. Individuals with depression will also find its mood-enhancing effects very useful.

  • Supporting Alcohol Withdrawal

Red Borneo is one of the few Kratom strains used for easing drug withdrawal. Most people use it to reduce alcohol withdrawal. It reduces your cravings for alcohol, minimizing the severity of withdrawal symptoms.

Kratom can be very effective for drug withdrawal, but it has to be appropriately used for the best results. Start by consulting a licensed physician if your primary intention is to use the herb for this purpose.

Other reported benefits of using Red Vein Borneo are:

  • Insomnia relief
  • Reducing muscle tension
  • Inducing euphoria

Is Red Borneo Kratom Safe?

Red Borneo is generally well-tolerated with a very low incidence rate of adverse reactions. However, when used in excess, it can produce several mild side effects.

Some individuals also tend to be sensitive to Kratom and especially the more potent Kratom strains. That’s why we encourage new users to start with the milder strains. It’s also good to take low dosages and monitor your reaction before making any increments.

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 That said, here are some of the reported side effects:

  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Constipation

Some of the side effects like nausea and dry mouth can be your body’s initial reaction to using the herb for the very first time. They should disappear as your system gets used to the alkaloids. In most cases, you won’t even need any medications to stop the reactions.


There are no official Kratom dosages since the herb is not approved for any medicinal purposes. However, after years of use, anecdotal evidence suggests the following guideline.

Beginners should start with 2 grams. If your body shows great tolerance, you can increase the dosage to 3 or 5 grams.

Experienced Kratom users can take upwards of 7 grams. However, taking more than 10 grams is strongly discouraged as high doses increase the risk of adverse reactions.

At low dosages, Red Vein Borneo has mood-boosting effects. It provides pain relief at medium to high dosages while extremely high doses induce euphoric effects.

How to take Red Borneo Kratom?

You can enjoy your Red Vein Borneo Kratom in various ways. The first and most popular method is through capsules. You can buy ready-made Red Vein Borneo capsules or buy the powder and make your own capsules at home. Capsules are a quick and convenient way of taking Kratom, especially if you are using small dosages.

Alternatively, you can consume Red Vein Borneo in the form of powder. The first and most popular way of consuming Kratom powder is through Toss and Wash. This is where you place the powder inside your mouth and wash it down with a glass of water. It sounds pretty easy, but it is not very straightforward. You have to be careful not to choke on the powder. As a beginner, start with a small powder and perfect the method with frequent practice.

Toss and Wash is also a fast and effective way. It is arguably better than the capsules because the effects set in much sooner since you’re bypassing the capsule digestion process. On the flip side, not everyone can stomach the taste of Kratom.

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The other method of taking Red Vein Borneo powder is by mixing it with other drinks like yogurt, shakes, etc. This method works just as well as Toss and Wash and saves you from the unpleasant taste of Kratom powder.

Where to Buy Red Borneo Kratom?

Buy your Red Borneo Kratom from Science Bio. There are dozens of Kratom vendors on the market, but no one does it better than this supplier. The vendor has both Red Vein Borneo capsules and powder. Their products are also of the highest quality. They source them directly from Southeast Asia before doing the testing and packaging in the US.

Kratom leaf

Science Bio also comes highly recommended due to its strict third-party testing policy. Every ton of Kratom goes through six lab tests conducted by independent laboratories.

They also have competitive prices, a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, same-day shipping for all orders placed before 10.00 AM PST, and free shipping for local orders exceeding $49.99.

Red Borneo Kratom Reviews

“Red Borneo is amazing

no headaches and 10/10 painkiller

I’m tapering off oxy, and I actually feel ok” By Reddit User.

“I had a red Borneo once, and it was the best Kratom experience I ever had. Think I’m gonna get some next time” By Ruranka on Reddit

“Agreed. While I prefer the effects over other strains, I dislike the taste. Luckily, nobody cares about that :P” By KratomScape on Reddit.

Final Thoughts: Is Red Borneo Worth It?

If you are struggling with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and mood-related issues, then you’ll find Red Borneo very helpful. The special Kratom strain can help you tackle all these issues without producing any adverse reactions. Just make sure you buy it in its purest and highest quality and use it in the correct dosages.