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For centuries, Kratom has been used to deliver vast health benefits. Recent trials confirm it can increase energy levels, relieve pain, improve concentration, support a healthy emotional balance and even promote drug addiction recovery.

However, the benefits of Kratom are only as good as the quality of the strain you are using. This basically means that your choice of Kratom vendor plays a crucial role in determining the sort of experience you will have. It influences the kind of benefits you will experience if any, and the potential side effects you may have to deal with. And that’s why the importance of choosing the right Kratom vendor cannot be overstated.

So without wasting any more time, here are the top Kratom vendors of 2021:

1. Botany.Bio

This is hands down the best Kratom vendor on the market today. They are the golden standard of Kratom quality. Unlike other Kratom suppliers, this vendor has many product lines. They stock supplements and research chemicals used for healthy aging, GI support, fitness, brain and nerves support, and bone support. As for Kratom, they have all the top Kratom strains and a few newer varieties.

Like other top Kratom suppliers, this vendor submits all its products for third-party lab tests. This is done on both raw materials and the finished products. The company uses tests like HPLC for Purity and Identification and NMR Spectroscopy for Structure & Identification.

This vendor doesn’t just claim to conduct independent lab tests, but they actually publish evidence of the same on their website. Each product has a LOT number which is tied to a specific Certificate of Analysis. Buyers are free to scrutinize both the COA and the laboratory behind the test.

We also love the company for its informational blog posts. They have a dedicated blog page on their website that educates users on the different products they’re selling.


The prices are pretty reasonable for the quality you are getting. They also provide other opportunities to help you save a few bucks. For instance, you can save 10% on your first order if you sign up for the newsletter. This will also give you priority access to any future promotions.

Shipping and Return Policy

Orders placed before 3 PM PST are usually processed and shipped on the same day. Any orders placed afterward are shipped out on the next business day.

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How fast your orders reach your doorstep will depend on factors like your location, shipping option selected, etc. But generally, many people receive their orders within reasonable times.

The vendor offers various shipping options for both local and international orders.

Local orders exceeding $100 get free USPS Priority Mail while international orders of over $300 get free USPS First Class Mail International.

Botany stands behind the quality of all their products with a 100% money-back guarantee. The 30 days start from the day of delivery and not purchase, so you will have adequate time to decide whether you like the product or not.

To get a refund or product exchange, contact the vendor from their website.


  • All products go through independent lab tests.
  • Great product catalog
  • Excellent return policy


  • You can only get in touch with Botany through email. They don’t provide a direct line.

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2. Golden Monk

The Las Vegas-based company entered the scene in 2016. Among the many things that make them the best Kratom vendor is their third-party lab testing policy. Each pound of Kratom is submitted to an independent laboratory for extensive analysis looking at content, potency, contaminations, etc. There are 6 lab tests in total. Only the Kratom batches that pass all the tests are put up for sale.

All Kratom products from this vendor are sourced from Indonesia. And not just from any Indonesian farmers but from verified ones who have a distinguished history of growing and harvesting Mitragyna Speciosa. After sourcing the materials, everything else, including testing and packaging, is done in AKA-GMP-certified facilities in the United States.

Something else we love about this supplier is their educational website. Each Kratom strain has a product description discussing its history and other strains that have similar properties. The description is not very exhaustive, but it’s nonetheless helpful, especially to new Kratom users.


The vendor stocks both Kratom capsules and powder. They have very competitive prices, which actually look good given the incredible quality. For instance, 250 grams of the popular Maeng Da Kratom retails at just $39.99.

They also offer several discounts. For instance, each purchase you make earns loyalty points that can be used on the next purchase. You’ll be earning $1 worth of points for every $10 you spend. All orders exceeding $49.99 also get free priority shipping.

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Bulk orders get special discounts.

Shipping and Return Policy

All orders placed before 10.00 AM PST are shipped on the same day. Packaging and shipping are also done very discretely. Nothing about the package says Kratom, so no one would ever know what’s in the box.

All products are covered with a 30-day guarantee, and it applies to both opened and unopened products. Opened products must have at least 85% of the original content, though. Still, the refund policy is one of the best in the industry.

To get a refund or exchange your order, contact the company via email or the direct line provided on the website. The customer support team is usually very responsive, so you shouldn’t have any problems getting your issues sorted out.


  • Great reputation
  • Competitive prices
  • Good product catalog
  • Fast and discreet shipping
  • Products are third-party tested.
  • Great satisfaction guarantee


  • The products may be too strong for newbies

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3. Swiss Chems

Like Botany, this Kratom vendor also has an extensive product catalog selling fitness products, anti-aging items, and nootropics or smart drugs.

They also ship their products to independent laboratories, and they publish all the test results on their website. If you want, you can have an item of your choice shipped to an HPLC licensed laboratory of your choice for further tests. In case the item fails the tests, the company will refund the cost of the HPLC test and the shipping and order charges. That’s how confident they are about the purity and overall quality of their products.


The Kratom vendor has competitive prices, but that’s not the best part. This supplier has a cashback program that refunds 15% of the cash you spend on every purchase. This cash goes to your e-wallet and can be used at any time in future orders.  

Entering the program is also pretty easy. Just set up and verify your account.

Shipping and Return policy

The company ships both locally and internationally, but it’s your responsibility as an international customer to ensure Kratom is permitted in your area. Otherwise, the vendor will not be liable for any cases of custom seizures.

Local orders take between 1 and 7 business days to arrive, while international orders may take up to 2 weeks.

Sadly, they don’t provide any refund policy. 


  • Extensive product catalog
  • All products are subject to third-party lab tests.
  • Decent customer support
  • They have a great cashback program.
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  • No money-back guarantee

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How to Choose the Best Kratom Vendors?

Here are some of the factors that informed our picks above.

  • Lab Tests

Lab tests are by far the most important thing about every Kratom vendor. The best vendors submit their products to independent laboratories for thorough analysis. This is the only way to guarantee purity and potency.

As a buyer, the last thing you want is to take Kratom powder contaminated with salmonella, and that’s why you should never compromise on quality.

  • Catalog

Ideally, you want to place all your orders in one place. This makes for a seamless shopping experience and can even help you save a few dollars on shipping. Our top pick above stocks all the popular Kratom strains available on the market today. They are also keen to stock any new Kratom strains entering the market.

  • Presence of Educational Pieces

Many people, especially in the West, still don’t understand what Kratom does. The best Kratom suppliers educate their buyers about the different strains on offer. They may not go as far as telling the benefits or effects of using them (for legal reasons), but they can help you understand where the herb comes from and whether it is legal in your state or not.

  • Shipping and Return Policy

The convenience that comes with same-day shipping is something you don’t want to miss. All the vendors discussed above ship their orders within 24 hours.

Return policies are also crucial. They provide unmatched peace of mind, which is essential, particularly to the buyers making bulk orders. Make sure the Kratom supplier you are dealing with has a hassle-free money-back guarantee.

  • User Reviews

Finally, check the user testimonials of each Kratom vendor. What do previous buyers have to say about the overall experience of dealing with the company? Does the customer support team care about the buyers? How responsive are they to customer’s issues?

Final Thoughts

You could take the right Kratom strain at the right dosage and appropriate time, but if you bought it from the wrong company, all your efforts would be in vain. That’s how crucial it is to buy Kratom from the right store.

With that said, all the above vendors aced our rigorous tests. We advise you to choose one of them. If you are considering taking a different path, make sure you follow the buyer’s guide.