Dietary fat burners rarely have what it takes to help you lose weight effectively. You could find one that’s good at curbing appetite, but it does little to nothing when it comes to burning fat.

Most products also struggle to break down stubborn adipose.

Cases of harmful fat burners aren’t that rare either. Many people complain of using supplements that resulted in severe adverse reactions like headaches, sleeplessness, stomach upset, and so on.

Primeshred is a supplement that claims to have the perfect formula to cater to all your fat-burning needs using a potent but safe formula.

So we decided to put it to the test and prepared this comprehensive review for you.

What Is PrimeShred?

PrimeShred is a “hardcore fat burner” formulated specifically for men. The supplement claims to have the ultimate formula to deliver whole-body fat-burning results. Not just that, but the manufacturer also explains that it is very fast-acting.

PrimeShred is produced by Muscle Club Limited, a highly respected company in the dietary supplements scene. They are famously responsible for TestoGen, arguably the best natural testosterone booster on the market.

From the website, it’s also clear that PrimeShred is not meant for just any man. The marketing targets athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

That would explain why the product also tackles one of the common problems athletes experience when using fat burners.

You see, most fat burners are designed to shred fatty acids with little to no regard for lean muscle mass. This may not be a problem for the average joe whose sole priority is to lose weight. However, for an athlete, lean mass is something that must be preserved at all costs.

For this reason, most athletes look for fat burners that can shred adipose tissue without touching their gains. Sadly, such products are hard to find. That’s why most bodybuilders end up seeking alternatives elsewhere with products like cutting SARMs.

PrimeShred has the perfect formula that burns fat while preserving lean mass. Moreover, the manufacturer reports that it will optimize your energy levels to sustain high-intensity workouts.

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In the end, the supplement will get rid of the excess fat, leaving you with a ripped and shredded body.

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How Does PrimeShred Work?

PrimeShred boasts a triple-threat working mechanism that will turn your body it a fat incinerator. It’s a very interesting approach, and they’ve blended the right ingredients to make it work.

The process starts by boosting metabolic rate and thermogenesis. The supplement enhances these processes naturally, leading to the rapid breakdown of adipose tissue across your body. This includes the stubborn fat standing between you and your fitness goals.

The fat is burned down to generate energy. Therefore, it gives you the weight loss results you need while keeping you fueled.

The second approach targets certain hormones in the body. Hormones that play a crucial role in the burning of fat.

By supporting the activities of these chemicals, PrimeShred promotes the release of fatty acids into the bloodstream, where they are burnt.

Finally, the pills ensure you have sufficient energy to keep you fired up. This is crucial because dieting supplements are notorious for leaving users weak and fatigued. You’ll never have to worry about that when using PrimeShred.

Apart from the breakdown of fatty acids that produces energy, the pills also have additional energy-boosting ingredients.

PrimeShred Ingredients

PrimeShred uses scientifically-backed ingredients. They are expertly dosed to produce the desired results without any hiccups.

Here’s what it contains:

●      Green tea extract (500mg)

Green tea extract is probably the most popular fat loss ingredient on the market. The simple reason behind this is that it has clinical studies backing its potency.

The extract promotes weight loss by increasing the body’s metabolic rate. This allows your body to burn fat at a very high rate. It even works while you’re resting.

Green tea also supports norepinephrine, a hormone that promotes fat breakdown.

Some reports show the herb reduces triglyceride levels as well. It helps to burn this form of fat into energy.

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●      DMAE (150mg)

DMAE does not have an active role in burning down adipose tissues. However, it’s a good neurotransmitter.

It increases acetylcholine production to enhance brain performance.

It may also improve muscle contraction.

  • ●      L-Tyrosine (300mg)

L-tyrosine works alongside DMAE to boost cognitive functions. The two ingredients will help you stay focused on your training.

You will also enjoy its benefits outside the gym.

●      Green coffee (100mg)

Green coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which is usually destroyed when you roast coffee beans. The acid prevents fatigue and increases energy levels.

It also promotes metabolism to break down stored fat.

●      L-theanine (250mg)

You will never witness decent results if all the fat you burn is replaced with new fatty acids. MuscleClub Ltd has added L-theanine in the formula to prevent this from happening.

The amino acid reduces the amount of carbohydrates and fats absorbed by the body after eating. This effectively prevents weight gain.

L-theanine also enhances mood and attention.

●      Rhodiola Rosea root (250mg)

Rhodiola Rosea is a popular adaptogen. It helps the body adapt to mental and physical stress. This reduces stress and fatigue.

The herb also activates enzymes responsible for fat breakdown.

●      Caffeine anhydrous (225mg)

Caffeine anhydrous increases thermogenesis and metabolism to facilitate rapid fat loss.

Caffeine is also famous for boosting mental alertness and energy levels.

●      Cayenne pepper (200mg)

Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin which fires up your thermogenesis. This ingredient will ensure your metabolism is also at its peak.

●      Vitamin B Complex

The Vitamin B complex prevents fatigue and tiredness. They maintain an energy-yielding metabolism.

PrimeShred contains vitamins B3 (15mg), B6 (1.3mg), and B12 (24mcg).

●      Bioperine (5mg)

BioPerine improves the bioavailability of the ingredients used in this formula. It, therefore, helps you utilize the compounds before they can be flushed out of your body.

Benefits Of Using PrimeShred

PrimeShred users report impressive results after just a few weeks of using the supplement. These are some of the benefits reported online:

1.    Rapid fat loss

PrimeShred has proven to be very effective at burning fat. It also delivers wholesome results making it a favorite among many people.

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You should know that the users reporting incredible results support the supplement with a healthy diet and proper workout routine. The manufacturer recommends the same regimen.

2.    High energy and stamina levels

The supplement burns down fatty acids to produce fuel. This makes it easier to keep up with intense workouts.

The stimulants used are also great at boosting mental and physical energy.

3.    Increased concentration and alertness

PrimeShred contains nootropics and stimulants that boost cognitive functions. They will help you stay alert and focused on your fitness goals.

They’ll also promote your performance outside the gym.

Is PrimeShred Safe?

PrimeShred is generally safe. Many people do not report any adverse reactions thanks to the natural formula.

However, it is possible to experience some caffeine-related side effects. These are common among people with low tolerance to the stimulant.

Headaches, nausea, bloating, and sleeplessness are some of the reactions you might experience.

Avoid the supplement or use it in very low dosages if you are extremely sensitive to caffeine.

PrimeShred Dosage

Take three capsules 20 minutes before your first meal of the day. Use the supplement every day regardless of whether it’s your workout day or not.

Where To Buy

Order the pills from the official Primeshred website. They have some incredible discounts, especially for bulk orders.

For instance, if you buy a 4-month supply, you’ll get two extra boxes for free. That’s six months’ worth of supply!

Shipping & Refund Policy

The vendor offers free worldwide shipping on most of their orders. The delivery times are pretty fast. Most orders get fulfilled in 3 to 7 days.

PrimeShred is covered with a 100-day money-back guarantee. Reach out to the company, and they will issue a full refund, excluding the shipping fee.

Final Thoughts: Does PrimeShred Work?

Yes, the fat burner works. The ingredients used are scientifically known for boosting thermogenesis, metabolism, and energy.

The supplement is also vegan-friendly. It doesn’t contain any gluten, soy, GMO, and artificial additives.

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