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If you are wondering whether Leanbean can work for your weight loss journey, you are in the right place. Leanbean presents a compelling case.

The product is marketed as a powerful female supplement for weight loss. It is composed of natural products as advertised, all aimed at helping women lose weight. Some of the plants that the ingredients are sourced from are tropical fruits from Indonesia, raspberries, a root from japan, coffee, and tea.

All these ingredients are combined to form a supplement that suppresses appetite and promotes weight loss. Unlike other products that focus on fat burning, Leanbean focuses on regulating your appetite, which has had positive results as a weight loss regime.  However, it also burns fats in your body.

The supliment empowers you to go after the body you want. So, if you want a flat tummy, a toned body, and glutes that are firmer and rounder, then consider the product.

Here are more details on what you can expect from this supplement.

Female Fat Burner

According to the official website of leanbean, females find it harder to resist cravings than men. Different observations and PET scans have shown that, indeed, men can suppress food cravings better compared to women.  That’s why this supplement’s formula is keen on suppressing appetite to prevent weight gain and accelerate fat loss.

The product is for both regular people and athletes.

You should know that this appetite suppressant does not contain any stimulant.

Leanbean Ingredients

The ingredients in appetite suppressant are so powerful in that they keep you from overeating. It also stimulates your metabolism, thereby making you burn more fat.

The product also helps maintain your body’s natural balance, giving you more energy and aiding a good night’s sleep.

But how is this possible? Well, leanbean contains Glucomannan (dietary fiber), garcinia Cambogia(tropical fruit from Indonesia), cayenne pepper, and raspberry ketones. All these compounds have a positive impact on the body even when taken individually.

Other ingredients also included are turmeric, which is for metabolism, Vitamins B, and green tea, which maintain your body’s natural balance.

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According to WebMD, Glucomannan is a type of dietary fiber that supports weight loss when ingested orally. The report also shows that it works for both children and adults. But the most popular effect of Glucomannan is appetite suppression. This ingredient is rich in fiber which soaks in water to form a bulk solution in your stomach. The solution makes you feel fuller for longer periods, thus reducing cravings. With less cravings, your calorie intake will reduce drastically to prevent fat gain.

Cayenne Pepper 

This NIH study showed that the active ingredient in cayenne pepper, called capsaicin, helps suppress appetite.

Green Tea and Garcinia Cambogia

Green tea lowers your need to eat by interacting with the dopamine hormone and norepinephrine.

According to a published data on Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, Garcinia cambogia works by interacting with other hormones such as serotonin to reduce your appetite.

Raspberry and Fat Loss

A study conducted on mice and rats indicated that they could keep excess weight when they ingested high amounts of ketones. Although clinical data on the ingredient is limited, the available studies on animals and anecdotal reports show that the ingredient can be very effective in enhancing weight loss.


If you visit any home, you won’t miss turmeric in the kitchen. Among the various reasons why some people consume it is the belief that it aids in weight loss.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information conducted research that showed that turmeric’s active ingredient, Curcumin, aids in weight loss.  Other studies added that the active ingredient encourages weight loss when it interacts with the fatty tissues in your body.

Other researchers have also added that turmeric’s active property minimizes the effects of obesity while consequently preventing obesity.

All these researches have positively supported turmeric’s role in minimizing weight loss, which is why it is part of the leanbean weight loss regimen.

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How to Use the Supplement

The manufacturer recommends using the product three times a day. The supplement comes in capsule forms. You should take two capsules by mouth before every meal.

Something to always keep in mind when using leanbean is that it does not work independently. You are advised to make several changes in your lifestyle to get the best results. This starts with switching to a healthier diet and incorporating workouts into your schedule.

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So, don’t take the pills and sit back, waiting for the magic to happen. Continue following a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

The duration for taking the product is not clearly defined. Each bottle or leanbean contains capsules that last for a month.  However, since the ingredients are all-natural, you can take them for as long as you like.

The product only works when you use them as recommended, which is three times a day consistently for three months.

The manufacturer provides a money-back guarantee that allows new users to get a full refund in case they don’t witness any results within the first few weeks.

Where to Purchase Leanbean?

You can purchase the appetite suppressant from LeanBeanOfficial.com website or Amazon. However, there is a caution against buying from amazon or other third-party sites as the products could be illegitimate. For this reason, you should always purchase the supplement from its official website.

One of the advantages of purchasing the product directly from the manufacturer is that you will receive a special offer.  For instance, for only $185, which is the cost of three bottles of leanbean, you will receive an additional bottle for free.

When You Shouldn’t Take product

Taking more capsules in the hope of getting fast and dramatic results is not recommended. Leanbean only works when taken according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. If you want fast results, pair the supplements with a consistent workout routine and a calorie-free diet.

Those with pre-existing health conditions are not advised to take the supplement without a doctor’s approval. Also, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are cautioned against using this and any other weight loss supplement.

The product is also not recommended for looking for a magic pill that lets them eat whatever they want while losing weight. You need to put in the effort through vigorous exercises and healthy eating if you want positive results.

Anyone below 18 years should not use this supplement.

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You are also advised not to take the supplements if you are currently taking any medications. It is best to have a sit-down with your physician first before you start taking anything that may interfere with the drugs you are taking.

Is Leanbean Worth it?

Yes. The product is worth it.

Leanbean is made of all-natural ingredients that burn fat in the body and suppress your appetite leading to weight loss. All the ingredients are purposely selected because of their effectiveness and safety, as demonstrated by multiple trials.

The supplement does not include any dangerous ingredient that can harm you.

A bottle costs $59, which lasts for a month. For a two-month supply, you will have to part with $118. However, the manufacturer has an offer if you want to make more savings. For $185, you will receive four monthly lean bean supplies, a free e-book guide, and free delivery to your location.

Are There Success Stories About leanbean?

Yes. There have been several testimonials from women who have used leanbean for their weight loss journey.

The following are some of the success stories from women who have used the product.

“I have recommended the product to all my friends. In fact one of them is currently using the supplement.” By Hannah from England.

Vicky from the UK says, “I have used the supplement for only a month and I have dropped to a dress size after losing 8lbs and I feel amazing.”

“I’m now size 14 this month after dropping from size 16.” By Margarita, Australia.

Leanbean Review Conclusion

You know how easy it is to pile on weight but harder to get rid of. While some products swear on quick results, leanbean does not guarantee that.

You must put in the necessary effort while taking two capsules before each meal for three months for you to notice any changes. However, if you feel like there are no positive changes after the three months, you can ask for your refund. But if the user reviews are anything to go by, it is highly unlikely that you will be returning this supplement.

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