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Kratom, first and foremost, is an herbal supplement that is commonly used to treat chronic pain, anxiety, or increase energy. It’s been utilized for centuries in Southeast Asia as an essential remedy for musculoskeletal pain and exhaustion. Made from the leaves of the tropical Kratom tree, this herbal supplement began growing in popularity in the US as holistic health practices became more mainstream.

The strength and benefits inherent in Kratom are dependent on the strain chosen. There are three core strains to choose from, including the white-veined strain, the green-veined strain, and the red-veined strain. The white vein is best for increased energy and positive mood boosts. The red vein works best to relieve pain while relaxing the body and mind. The green vein is a combination of the white and red strain; thus, it increases an individual’s energy while also providing relief from pain.

Taking the right Kratom dosage is imperative to achieve the beneficial properties available in each strain. Too high of a dose can lead to uncomfortable side effects, while too low of a dose runs the risk of not affecting an individual at all.

Standard Dosage Of Kratom

Kratom is metabolized differently for everyone; therefore, the popular standard dosage recommendations may be too much or too little for each individual. It is often recommended to begin on a low dose of Kratom initially and work up from there to find the perfect amount. This starter dose recommendation begins at 1 to 2 grams, and it is advised to measure out the dose on a scale rather than measure it out by teaspoons.

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There is an effect with Kratom that occurs when an individual has built up a tolerance at their standard level and must increase their dosing amount to receive the same impact. Eventually, this leads to several more dose increases before the supplement seems to have stopped working for them all together. This effect has been coined as Kratom’s diminishing returns, and it is a common occurrence for regular users of the supplement. This can be remedied by taking a break from Kratom for a few days or lowering the dose considerably. Some individuals find that this boosts the effects that the supplement has on them immediately.

The overall idea of less is more is a common thread in the Kratom community when it comes to dosage. Time and time again, regular users of the supplement note a dramatic increase in beneficial effects when they drop their typical dosage size down a few grams. With this in mind, Kratom is still a very trial and error type of supplement regarding the appropriate dosage.

Finding The Most Effective Dosage

Individuals taking Kratom are advised to keep a journal of their daily Kratom consumption and the effects they get from it. This is even more important as a beginner when trying to figure out what dosage is best through trial and error.

In order for an individual to find the most effective dosage of Kratom, they must go about slowly increasing the amount that they take until they get the desired effects. This can take time, as Kratom has a slow onset of about an hour until the results can truly be felt, and it is only recommended to increase the dosage up to 3 grams each day to prevent unwanted side effects. If an individual reaches a dose of 8 grams, and they do not feel anything, they should switch to a different strain and begin again.

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Adverse Reactions When Overdosing

The Kratom dosage that is considered too much varies from person to person. While a dose of 5 grams may be perfect for one user, it may make another sick for hours. Once again, this is due to how the supplement metabolizes in the body, and it is why the journal and slow dose increase are so highly recommended.

If an individual consumes too much Kratom over a short span of time, various side effects can occur. These side effects include drowsiness, nausea, stomach cramps, irritability, dizziness, muscle spasms, loss of libido, and headache. While severe reactions are rare, they do happen and can include seizures, heart palpitations, liver toxicity, and rapid heart rate.

Overall, an effective Kratom dosage is different for every individual, and the best way to find that dosage sweet spot is through careful trial and error. While this may take some time, the end result is a personal Kratom dosage that efficiently gives the individual their desired effects.


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