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Racetams are a family of nootropic supplements that are typically the go-to for beginners. They can be as varied as any other nootropic, with some geared more towards memory enhancement and focus while others provide mood-boosting effects and reduced anxiety. Due to their complex and confusing nature, many find it easier to use the term nootropic to cover the wide berth of all cognitive improvement supplements.

Much like other nootropics, the use of racetams for increased mental energy and focus is not unheard of; in fact, it’s one of the most common reasons individuals begin looking up brain enhancement drugs in the first place. Finding a quality racetam, or even better, a pre-combined stack of supplements that work synergetically together to boost cognitive function and energy can improve an individual’s work or school performance unlike any other.

There will typically be some trial and error for a beginner to find the supplement that is right for them. Below, we have collected the best racetam supplements that provide the most potent boost of mental energy available in a convenient stacked form.

1. NooCube

The Brain Productivity supplement developed by NooCube combines amino acids, vitamins, and other racetam-style supplements to provide an efficient boost to the cognitive functions of the brain. This boost increases the productivity and mental energy of an individual. This is the best racetam for energy.

Benefits: The seven potent ingredients in the Brain Productivity supplement work together to quickly enhance cognitive functions for all-day effects. Other potential benefits of the supplement may include,
– Improvement of focus and clarity of though
– Enhanced mental performance
– Stimulating a relaxed but alert feeling

Recommended Dosage: While up to four capsules can be taken daily, when first trying the Brain Productivity supplement, it is advised to begin with taking two capsules a day. The supplement should be taken in the morning or upon eating the first meal of the day.

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2. Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro produces what they call a Universal Nootropic. The Universal Nootropic combines several high-quality, potent ingredients into one capsule to enhance cognition and overall brain health. The included ingredients have clinical research backing up their potential benefits and incorporate both natural and synthetic compounds.


The 11 different herbs, vitamins, and amino acids found in this supplement have been optimally combined to bring individuals the ultimate in cognitive enhancement. They have been proven safe and effective for daily use in increasing work, study, and play performance. With so many beneficial compounds, there’s no end to the effects that can be experienced. Some potential effects include,

– Increased mood balance and mental energy
– Improved learning retention
– Enhanced brain cell production
– Increased focus while multitasking

Recommended Dosage: One to two tablets, taken daily, is the standard dose for the Universal Nootropic. It should be taken with the first meal of the day, for the best absorption, and taken no later than early to midday. Once the body has become accustomed to the supplement, the dosage can be increased to four tablets a day.

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3. Performance Lab – Energy

The Performance Lab’s Energy supplement is geared toward the overall increase of mental and physical energy while, at the same time, prolonging that energy throughout the entire day. Performance Lab does this by combining nutrients to enhance the cell’s mitochondria and push it to produce more energy.


The compounds found in the Energy supplement work to support metabolic processes throughout the body. This whole-body effect translates to more efficient overall cell performance. Other commonly noted effects of the supplement include:

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– Protection from further cell damage from oxidative stress
– Improved cell development and health
– Enhanced mental clarity and energy
– Improved athletic performance

Recommended Dosage

It is advised to take one to two pills a day, preferably early on in the day and with a meal. If needed, one to two more pills can be taken after lunch to provide another burst of energy, but no more than four tablets should be taken in a day.

Overall, racetams that are taken for energy will interact with the body differently in each individual. Due to this difference in bodily chemistry, it is common to try several different racetams over time in order to find the best one. The products listed above provide the best all-around benefit to their users and are highly recommended to those interested in trying nootropic supplements.




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