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Important News From RHTP: Announcing WindownSCOTUS Decision a Victory for Women’s Health, RHTP (June 27, 2016)Access to Birth Control Benefit for Many Women Remains in Limbo as Supreme Court Decision Sends Case Back to Lower Courts, RHTP (May 16, 2016)RHTP Applauds FDA Label Update for Medication Abortion but Barriers Remain, RHTP (March 30, 2016)Supreme Court Will Again Decide Whether Employers Can Deny Contraceptive Coverage to Women, RHTP (March 23, 2016)Supreme Court Hears Arguments on Most Significant Abortion Case in 10 Years, Has Opportunity to Reaffirm Right to Safe, Legal Abortion, , RHTP (March 2, 2016)President’s Final Budget Misses Opportunity to Strike the Hyde Amendment’s Restriction on Abortion Coverage, RHTP (Feb. 9, 2016)Statement on Attack at Planned Parenthood Health Center in Colorado Springs, RHTP (November 30, 2015)The Supreme Court Will Review Sham Texas Law That Cuts Off Access To Safe Abortion Care, RHTP (November 13, 2015)Supreme Court Will Again Decide Whether Employers Can Deny Women Contraceptive Coverage, RHTP (November 6, 2015)RHTP Releases Watershed Report on the Relationship between Economic Security & Abortion Care, RHTP (August 6, 2015)Reproductive Health Technologies Project Joins with #BlackLivesMatter to #SayHerName, RHTP (August 4, 2015)RHTP Stands with Planned Parenthood, (August 3, 2015)RHTP Celebrates Supreme Court Decision to Maintain Affordable Access to Health Care, RHTP (June 25, 2015)RHTP Statement on Legislation to Make Birth Control Pill Available without a Prescription, RHTP (May 26, 2015)House Passes Extreme Ban on Later Abortion, RHTP (May 13, 2015)RHTP Applauds Obama Administration for Clarifying Contraceptive Coverage Guarantees, RHTP (May 12, 2015)Atima Omara Joins the Reproductive Health Technologies Project as New Vice President, RHTP (March 26, 2015)RHTP Calls for “Robust Chemical Policy Reform”, RHTP (March 17, 2015)Why the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act Is Insufficient to Protect Reproductive Health, RHTP (March 10, 2015)The President’s Final Budget Again Fails to Strike Most Restrictions on Insurance Coverage of Abortion, RHTP (February 2, 2015)Reproductive Health Advocates Condemn House Vote Denying Coverage for Abortion Care, RHTP (January 22, 2015)Amazon Heeds Demands of Reproductive Health Advocates to Reinstate Sales of Lower Cost Emergency Contraceptive AfterPill, RHTP (November 13, 2014)White Paper Released on Removing Nitrosamines from Condoms, RHTP (September 18, 2014)Women Deserve No-Cost Coverage for Contraception Regardless of Where They Work, RHTP (July 10, 2014)Women’s Health Advocates Condemn Supreme Court Decision Allowing Some Employers to Deny Birth Control Coverage to their Employees, RHTP (June 30, 2014)Politicians Should Stop Playing Politics With the Health of Women in the District of Columbia, RHTP (June 25, 2014)President’s Budget Fails to Lift Most Restrictions on Insurance Coverage of Abortion Care, RHTP (March 5, 2014)Women’s Health Advocates Celebrate FDA Decision to Remove Restrictions on Generic Emergency Contraception, RHTP (February 27, 2014)House Passes Bill Denying Women Coverage for Abortion Care, RHTP (January 28, 2014)House Judiciary Considering Extreme Bill Denying Coverage for Abortion Care, RHTP (January 15, 2014)House Subcommittee Considers Sweeping Bill Denying Coverage for Abortion Care, RHTP (January 9, 2014)Supreme Court to Hear Challenge to No-Cost Birth Control Benefit, including Claim that Emergency Contraception is an Abortifacient, RHTP (November 27, 2013)Albuquerque Voters Defeat Dangerous Attack on Later Abortion Care, RHTP (November 20, 2013)Senate Introduces Extreme 20-Week Abortion Ban That Interferes with Women’s Personal Decisions, RHTP (November 8, 2013)The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists & the American Society for Reproductive Medicine Announce Support for Chemical Policy Reform, RHTP (September 23, 2013)Emergency Contraception Now Available on Store Shelves Nationwide, RHTP (July 31, 2013)Women’s Health Advocates Disappointed by FDA Decision to Maintain Restrictions on Generic Emergency Contraception, RHTP (July 24, 2013)Supreme Court Rules Human Genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 May Not Be Patented, RHTP (June 13, 2013)Judge Accepts Administration’s Plan to make Plan B One-Step Available Over-the-Counter for All Women, RHTP (June 13, 2013)Long Overdue Victory for Emergency Contraception Access – Obama Administration Announces Plan to make Plan B One-Step Available OTC for All Women, RHTP (June 10, 2013)Court Partially Rejects DOJ “Stay” in Decade-Long Battle for Emergency Contraception Over the Counter, RHTP (June 5, 2013)Announcing the Appointment of Jessica Arons as President & CEO of the Reproductive Health Technologies Project, RHTP (June 5, 2013)Looking for Information on RHTP’s Leadership Transition?, RHTP (June 5, 2013)Reproductive Health Leaders Urge Congress to Stop Playing Games with DC Women’s Health, RHTP (May 28, 2013)Bipartisan Action to Protect Reproductive Health – Senators Lautenberg & Vitter Introduce “Chemicals Safety Improvement Act”, RHTP (May 22, 2013)Judge Korman Denies DOJ “Stay”, RHTP (May 10, 2013)DOJ Appeals Court Decision to Broaden Access to Emergency Contraception – Politics Trumps Science and Women’s Health Suffers, RHTP (May 1, 2013)Senate Introduces “Safe Chemicals Act of 2013” to Protect Women’s Health, RHTP (April 10, 2013)President’s Budget Takes Two Steps Forward, But Steps Away From Critical Abortion Access Questions, RHTP (April 10, 2013)Emergency Contraception to Be Available on Store Shelves- VICTORY FOR ALL WOMEN, RHTP (April 5, 2013)CDC Report Shows Critical Role of Emergency Contraception, RHTP (February 14, 2013)Celebrating RHTP’s 20th Anniversary and Outgoing President & CEO, Kirsten Moore, RHTP (December 20, 2012)HHS: Remove Emergency Contraception Restrictions Now, RHTP (December 6, 2012)Over-the-Counter Access to Oral Contraceptives, The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (2012)RHTP’s 20th Anniversary Celebration!, RHTP (October 01,2012)New Poll Reinforces That Latino/as Hold Compassionate Views on Abortion, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health and RHTP (July 26, 2012)Safe Chemicals Act Passes Committee!, RHTP (July 26, 2012)Statement on Using Innovative Technologies and Other Conditions of Safe Use to Expand Which Drug Products Can be Considered Nonprescription, RHTP (March 23, 2012)Women’s Health Advocates Support Court Action To Expand Access to Emergency Contraception, RHTP (February 8, 2012)

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