Losing weight is one of the most searched topics online. People are always looking for safe, healthy, and natural ways to lose weight without dieting and exercising too much. While dieting and exercises are great ways to lose weight, they can be frustrating and overwhelming. You’re almost guaranteed to miss your favorite foods and break sweat exercising before losing a few pounds. In this article we take a look at Nu image medical.

Is there is a way to accelerate the weight loss process? Some supplements have been shown to promote weight loss in various ways. Actually, there are so many weight loss products in the market that promise faster weight loss results.

HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone is highly recommended for weight loss. This hormone is found in huge amounts in pregnant women. It helps burn extra fats in pregnant women to provide enough energy for the mother and the fetus. Nowadays, HCG drops are medically approved and sold legally for use.

There are two types of HCG drops. These are:

Real HCG drops: This is the natural form of HCG hormone. It is also referred to as prescription HCG since they are sold on prescription only. These are the same HCG hormones found in women during the development of the egg. Real HCG drops are extracted from the urine of pregnant women and animals.

Homeopathic HCG drops: these HCG drops do not contain the real hormone. Instead, they have the energy pattern of the HCG that maps into a neutral Colloidal Mineral water base and exhibits the properties of real HCG hormone.

The Nu Image Medical HCG drops are among the few genuine products out there with real HCG drops.

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What is Nu Image Medical?

Nu Image Medical is a product with HCG drops for weight loss. It is basically a weight loss supplement with the purest form of HCG hormone that’s effective for kick-starting and accelerating the fat-burning process. The Nu Image Medical HCG drops are produced by Nu Image Medical.

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Nu Image Medical is a medical laboratory in Tampa, Florida. The company is known to produce HCG hormone in the forms of drops, injections, and pellets for the purposes of weight loss.

The company offers a comprehensive weight loss program featuring the pills. They have a team of doctors that will walk you through the entire weight loss plan.

What are the benefits of Nu Image Medical HCG drops?

  • HCG reprograms your metabolism
  • HCG controls hunger
  • It gives your body an energy boost
  • Supports targeted fat loss
  • Faster weight loss without exercises

Nu Image Medical comprises genuine HCG hormone in bacteriostatic water. The human chorionic gonadotrophin hormone present in the product signals the hypothalamus to trigger the fat-burning process.

The HCG hormones present in the products come in the purest form possible hence safe for use. They are manufactured in Tampa, Florida, USA.

The ordering process

The company provides a reliable and efficient sourcing process. When ordering, you will choose between the 26- and 46-day programs. Each program comes with several add-ons, which you can select at no extra cost. Some of the add-ons include the Vitamin B mixing solution and Lipotropics. You don’t have to order these, but they are excellent energy sources when on a diet.

You need to spare around 10 minutes for the ordering process. You’re also required to fill the online health form once you’ve selected the products. Here, you will provide the following information:

  • Basic health inquiries
  • Current medications
  • Overall current health
  • Past medical history

Next, you will enter the ‘Nu Image waiting room’ for a video consultation with a doctor. There is a second option where you can book an appointment for the doctor to call you. The doctor will ask various questions and confirm the provided details. Once the doctor confirms everything is okay, they will approve your prescription and have it ready for shipping.

There is a further option where you’re directed to an online client support team for more information on the Nu Image Medical weight loss program.

Processing and shipping time

 Nu Image Medical is well-known for its efficient processing and shipping time. Once the order is confirmed, you can receive your medications within 5 business days. The products arrive shipped in a lovely reusable and insulated box.

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How to Use Nu Image Medical?

The HCG vials arrive unmixed. You’re required to mix the vials with the bacteriostatic water and blend the solution thoroughly. The following steps should be followed during this process.

  • Step 1 – Open the 10ml pre-filled bacteriostatic water syringes by removing the tip.
  • Step 2 – Take out the lid on the HCG vials.
  • Step 3 – Have the syringes on the vials and push the 10ml bacteriostatic water inside.
  • Step 4 – Close the HCG vials by putting back lid/stopper
  • Step 5 – Mix the solution thoroughly by swirling the contents. You can then refrigerate them

Applying the product under your tongue is also a simple and straightforward process. You need to withdraw the mixed solution using a syringe up to the 40ml mark. The solution is then placed under your tongue once daily.

Leave the liquid under the tongue for at least 5 minutes before swallowing. This is important and ensures maximum absorption. You should not brush your teeth or eat anything for 15 minutes before applying the HCG mixture.

The HCG drops should be taken alongside a strict HCG diet protocol. The protocol is available in the package.

Nu Image Medical HCG Diet Protocol

Phase 1: Start Phase

  • Taking the daily HCG dose
  • Consuming 500 calories of vegetables and proteins for 3-6 weeks daily

Phase 2: Weight loss phase

  • Taking the daily HCG dose
  • Consuming 500 calories of vegetable and proteins for 3-6 weeks daily

Phase 3: Maintenance phase

  • You need to stop taking the HCG drops
  • Increase food consumption
  • Avoid starch and sugar for at least 3 weeks

How does Nu Image Medical Work?

The HCG hormone is naturally produced in the body. It helps metabolize fats to produce energy for the mother and fetus. The hormone has also been used to treat multiple conditions like infertility in women. It also helps increase testosterone levels in men.

To support weight loss, the drops are used in small amounts to trigger the hypothalamus. This is the part of the brain that regulates food metabolism. The hypothalamus triggers the body to utilize stored fat for energy production. When stored fat is processed for energy, weight is lost naturally.

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Furthermore, the combination of HCG drops and strict diet protocol help target the most stubborn fats in the body. People can experience fat loss in the hips, butt, thighs, and waist. You end up losing weight while maintaining lean muscles.

Benefits of the Nu Image Medical HCG drops.

  • Lower hunger pangs and cravings
  • It helps you lose 5-15lbs on the 26-day program and 20-30lbs on the 46-day program.
  • Reduces fat in the most stubborn areas
  • Maintains lean muscles
  • Enhances the body’s general energy levels
  • Boosts libido
  • It helps optimize metabolism for faster weight loss
  • Reprograms the hypothalamus to initiate natural fat burning
  • Reduces pains at the joints, increasing mobility

Nu Image Medical Side Effects

There are a few minor adverse effects that the real HCG drops can produce in certain individuals. The following are some expected side effects.

Changes in bowel habits due to the HCG diet

Some people may experience a lack of bowel movement for a day or so. However, if the condition persists for 5 to 7 days and you start experiencing cramps and a swollen abdomen, try using a laxative to rectify the problem. You’re also advised to drink plenty of water and take short walks.

Spotting on postmenopausal women

There are also a few reported cases of spotting on postmenopausal women. However, the spotting disappears when you stop the usage. Women on heavy menstruation days are advised against using the drops until the bleeding reduces.

Nu Image Medical Pros and Cons


  • It contains a pure form of HCG hormone thus safe
  • Burns fat in the most stubborn parts and maintain lean muscle
  • Users get teleconsultation
  • Detailed use with unlimited doctor’s supervision
  • Accompanied by free eBooks, guidelines, and recipes
  • Follows the strict diet protocol of Dr. Simeons
  • Boost sexual health


  • Expensive
  • Lacks a refund policy
  • Not everyone qualifies to use the product since it requires a doctor’s prescription.

Final verdict

In summary, using the Nu Image Medical HCG drops can help you lose weight safely and naturally. The product requires a doctor’s prescription and follows a strict diet protocol to work effectively and safely. It can help you burn fats in the stubborn areas of your body, like the waist and around the thighs.

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