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As alternative health practices have become more mainstream, Kratom’s popularity as a natural pain reliever has grown. Hailing from Southeast Asia, locals have used Kratom for centuries as an effective pain killer, anxiety reducer, and energy booster. It is made from the leaves of the Kratom tree, a tropical, evergreen tree that is a part of the coffee family.

A Kratom tincture is one way of consuming the botanical supplement. This is a concentrated, liquid form of Kratom that can either be bought from a Kratom supplier or made at home. Many individuals in the Kratom community claim it is the most effective way to consume the supplement due to its high potency and how quickly it begins working.

These tinctures can be made out of any strain of Kratom available, with individuals often choosing the strain that works best for them ordinarily. A tincture of Kratom will have the same effects on an individual as the powder does. The only distinction is that it will be amplified due to the concentration of Kratom alkaloids.

Kratom tincture

Benefits Of A Kratom Tincture

Kratom tinctures provide individuals with extra benefits in comparison to the typical powdered form of the supplement. These benefits are due, in part, to the strength of the decoction made of Kratom and alcohol.

More Potent

Due to the extract of active compounds during the process of decoction, a properly made tincture will be more potent than the powdered or capsule form of Kratom. This also means that less is needed per dose to get similar or stronger effects.

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Fast Acting

Liquid consumption of Kratom allows for faster absorption by the body, which prompts the beneficial properties of the supplement to affect the individual quicker than if taken by another means.


A tincture of Kratom is commonly stored in a glass tincture bottle with a dropper and resealable lid. This makes storage and traveling with it easier than the process of measuring and weighing that goes into the consumption of the powdered form. It also keeps for a longer period of time when preserved in a tincture.

Recommended Dosage Of Kratom Tinctures

A tincture of Kratom will usually end up being stronger than the strain it was made from. Because of this, much less of the tincture is needed to prompt similar effects. As with any supplement, it is highly recommended to begin with the lowest dose possible to gauge its impact on the body.

If the tincture of Kratom is bought from a supplier, there would be a standard dosage recommendation listed on the bottle. In contrast, if an individual has made their own tincture, they would take the amount, in grams, of dry Kratom that was used and divide that by the volume amount, in mL, of the finished decoction. This will give the individual the relative potency, per mL, of their tincture.

How To Take A Kratom Tincture

A tincture of Kratom can be taken in one of three different ways, depending on the individual and how fast they want the decoction to begin working.


This is the most effective way to take a Kratom tincture. It includes placing the drops under the tongue, holding them there for up to a minute, and then swallowing them. This allows the absorbent blood vessels found under the tongue to quickly absorb the Kratom.

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Swallow Straight

With this method, an individual can drop the intended dosage into their mouth and swallow it. While this is a fast and easy method, it will not speed up the process of absorption as the sublingual method would.

Mixing It

The mixing method is best for those who can’t stomach the taste of their Kratom tincture. With this method, the dosage can be mixed with either food or drink to dilute its flavor. Once again, this method will not promote faster absorption of the Kratom, but it will provide a more pleasing experience to those that can’t get past the taste otherwise.

Overall, Kratom tinctures are a useful method of taking Kratom as it allows for faster absorption into the body, and less tincture is then needed for an equal or stronger dose than that of the powdered Kratom. These decoctions can be either bought from Kratom suppliers or made at home.


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