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Kratom: Methods Of Consumption

Kratom is an herbal supplement native to Southeast Asia and prominently used in the traditional healing practices of Indonesia and Thailand. It has been used since the 19th century as a pain reliever and local anesthetic. The supplement is made from the crushed leaves of the Kratom tree, mitragyna speciosa. These leaves are harvested, dried, and ground into a powder before being shipped to Kratom suppliers.

Kratom was traditionally consumed by chewing the leaves directly or steeping them in water to make a tea. While these ways are still used by some, modern-day Kratom users have a variety of methods to take the supplement. Some techniques are used to quickly absorb the Kratom into the body, while others are used to mask the strong taste. Each Kratom user has their preferred method of consumption, with the one constant agreement between them being the need to find an effective dosage for their method.

Methods Of Taking Kratom

The variety of methods available for taking Kratom can intimidate even a regular consumer of the supplement. Many individuals try out one or two ways before sticking to the one that worked best out of them. But some methods can prove more beneficial than others for some individuals.


By far, the easiest way to take Kratom is in capsule form. Kratom capsules can be bought from Kratom suppliers already made, or individuals can make them at home. If being made at home, the individual would have to buy the powdered form of Kratom, empty capsules, and measuring equipment. Due to the precise measuring that is needed, the process of making the capsules tends to be time-intensive.

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It should be noted that Kratom capsules often only hold about 500 mg each, which translates to .5 grams. This means that a low 2-gram dose of Kratom will require the consumption of four capsules to equal that amount.

Oblate Disks

A more obscure method, oblate disks are small disks of rice paper that a measured amount of Kratom can be put on and swallowed whole. This method’s appeal is the ability to bypass the taste of the supplement and the quick breakdown of the rice paper that allows the Kratom to immediately start being metabolized by the stomach. As opposed to waiting for a capsule to be broken down, which would take longer.

While this is a fast-acting method, it also has the potential to burst in the throat, which can be unpleasant due to the dryness of the herb. Individuals who have experienced it liken it to swallowing cinnamon. The quickness of it hitting the stomach all at once instead of gradually can make for an upset stomach for those that are sensitive to it.

Toss and Wash

The toss and wash is a more common method of taking Kratom, as it is fast and provides a quick onset of the supplement’s benefits. This method can be accomplished in several ways, and the most common is taking a measured amount of Kratom, tossing it in the mouth, and then washing it down with water. Another way to accomplish this is to mix the measured amount with water, toss it back like a shot, and then wash it down with another drink.

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While the wash portion of this method is mostly to help swallow the dry herb, it is also partially to help with the taste. Kratom has a very grassy, herbal flavor to it that many find unpleasant. In order to mask this taste, some users follow up this method by drinking orange, grapefruit, or pineapple juice.


A Kratom tincture is a concentrated liquid extract of the supplement that can be taken by dropper. This concentrated form of Kratom is more potent than other forms, and less is needed to produce the desired effects. Individuals who use this method either take the drops sublingually, mix them with food or drink, or swallow the drops directly.

The sublingual method allows for the fastest absorption, but there is no masking the taste as it is held under the tongue. This method is also hard to come by, as not many Kratom suppliers sell tinctures. This forces many individuals to make their own batch, which takes time.

Overall, using Kratom can be as straightforward or as time-intensive as an individual wants. Each method of consumption includes its own set of pros and cons that must be taken into consideration. It is ultimately up to the individual as to which method is best for them.


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