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Capromorelin Tartrate is an investigational drug that stimulates the secretion of the human growth hormone. It mirrors how the human body usually produces the human growth hormone during puberty and into young adulthood. While the drug was initially being researched for the treatment of muscle weakness and fragility in elderly adults, the results were not substantial enough to continue the clinical studies. The drug is currently being studied for use in treating underweight dogs.

Medical History

The most notable human trail for Capromorelin Tartrate began in 1999 and ran for a year. During that year, scientists had 395 people between the ages of 65 and 84 who take the drug daily. After six months, the participants saw an average increase of 3 lbs of lean muscle mass gained as well as increased balance, strength, and coordination. After 12 months, the participants saw an overall improvement in their ability to climb stairs. While these results were good, they were not good enough to continue into the second year of the trial. Similar human trials continued up until 2017.

In 2017 a set of animal trials began to test the viability of the drug on dogs. These tests measured the appetite stimulation that occurred in the animals after consuming the drug. The weight that was gained was also measured in the trial. The success of these trials led to the FDA approval of the drug for prescription use on dogs. The medication brand was named Entyce®, and it is still available from a veterinarian.

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While the benefits of Capromorelin Tartrate has been widely researched for animals, there is still inconclusive evidence for human consumption. The documented human trial noted that the drug could possibly be used to treat the functional decline of older adults, but the trials were not completed due to a lack of results. The potential benefits of the drug can include:

  • An increase in the body’s lean muscle mass
  • Increased physical strength
  • Improved balance
  • Enhanced coordination
  • An increase in appetite
  • Reduced physical weakness due to age or illness
  • Improvement of body composition and physical function

Side Effects

During the human trials of Capromorelin Tartrate, several mild to moderate side effects were noted. But since the trials were stopped, there is no substantial evidence of the long-term health and safety of taking the drug. The possible side effects of taking this drug include a drop in blood pressure, insomnia, excessive fatigue, insulin resistance, an increase in fasting glucose, nausea, and bloating.

There is not enough scientific information to know whether or not the drug is safe to take for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and it is not recommended. It is also not recommended to take the drug if an individual is on any prescription medication until they speak with their healthcare provider, as there is a possibility of unknown drug interactions.


An accurate dosage of Capromorelin Tartrate has only been discovered for use in dogs. Therefore, it is suggested that an individual wishing to take the drug do so under the guidance of their healthcare provider. The scientific evidence from the human trial of the drug notes that a dosage of 6 mg to 20 mg was given daily as well as a dose of 10 mg three times a week. While this range of dose varies, it is recommended to begin a dosage at the lowest possible amount for safety.

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The drug is available as a supplement online in both powdered and liquid form. There are also separate listings for the drug for use in cats and dogs to increase their appetite.

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Overall, Capromorelin Tartrate has had some success in human trials in treating the physical weakness that accompanies old age. Still, the trials were halted before a proper amount of information could be collected. Due to this, the FDA has only approved the drug for use in animals, and it is not recommended for human consumption.

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