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Whether you are looking to cut weight, gain muscle, or gain strength, there is a SARM out there that will work for you. But first, what are SARMs and what do they do? How can they help you reach your goals? 

What are SARMs?

SARM is an acronym for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. This means that they will target androgen receptors, a nuclear receptor in your body that is activated by the binding of androgenic hormones, like testosterone. In short, SARMs only work in muscle and fat.

The goal of SARMs is to help you control the results you get from working out. They won’t give you the massive muscles you would get by taking anabolic steroids. They will work to burn fat and gain lean muscle mass as well as work to keep your body healthy. SARMs don’t flood your body with chemicals.

Taking SARMs

There are different ways to take SARMs depending on your personal preferences. You will need to check out the dosage recommendations for your weight and goals. You want to make sure you won’t overload your body. For most users, once a day is plenty. Other users may need to take twice a day.

Capsules are the easiest form to take because they offer the best control of dosage. You take a specific number of pills a day that each contain the same dosage. You take the number of pills per day that match your goals.

SARMs are also offered in liquid form. This is another easy form that offers controlled dosage amounts. You measure out the dosage that is recommended for you to take, then you drink it. However, you need to pay attention to the concentration of the liquid to ensure that you are getting the right amount based on the concentration.

Another form of SARMs is powder. Powder is going to be the least expensive option, but it is also the most difficult form to take. You need to measure each down extremely carefully using a micro-scale. This will ensure that you are getting the proper amount and not taking too much.

Side Effects

Every body is different, so every body will react differently to taking SARMs. There hasn’t been a lot of research put into the side effects of SARMs. The one thing that is known for sure is that this product reduces testosterone. If you continue to take it regularly, it can reduce your testosterone by up to 50%. When taking SARMs, it is recommended to take testosterone enhancements or PCT treatments to make sure your levels don’t drop too low. 

When taking in high doses for an extended period of time, there is research that taking SARMs can lead to cancer. This research and testing has mostly been done on mice, so we are not exactly sure of the kind of effects it has on humans. 


SARMs are considered to be non-toxic to the liver and has a very small impact on blood pressure. 

Taking SARMs can increase appetite. This is beneficial if you are trying to bulk and gain muscle. 

SARMs can also help you get a better quality of sleep, which can improve your overall health.

With consistent use, you will start to notice that you are recovering from your workouts quicker, losing fat faster, and gaining lean muscle quicker.

3 Best SARMs on the Market

Ostarine MK-2866

Ostarine is the best over-all SARM on the market. It basically mimics testosterone to help you lose fat, build lean muscle mass, and help you with a boost of energy. This product was originally created to help treat testosterone deficiencies. 

This is one of the most well-known SARMs on the market. It is easy to use and inexpensive to purchase. This is very effective for losing fat, preserving muscle mass, and providing results to you even while you are in a calorie deficit. 

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Testolone RAD-140

This product is newer than Ostarine so it is not as well known, but it can still offer you amazing results from using it. It is designed to help increase muscle mass quickly. It will also help you loose fat by building lean mass. 

Testolone has a strong effect on testosterone levels, so you will need to take a supplement to make sure your levels don’t drop too low. 

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Ligandrol LGD-4033

Ligandrol gives you the benefit of losing fat and weight while continuing to gain lean muscle mass. You’ll want to make sure that you take very low dosages of this product to make sure that you aren’t taking too much.

The short answer is yes, they are legal, but only for recreational use. They are sold in dietary supplements, but they are also a DEA-controlled substance, much like steroids. If you are an athlete, SARMs are off limits and are completely prohibited. 

SARMs are not FDA-approved, so safety is not guaranteed. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t safe, but you should be extremely careful if you choose to use them.

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Customer Reviews

This customer is a woman who started taking Ligadrol to help her prepare for a competition she was going to be in. She was referred to this product by her trainer, who told her this product would help her build muscle and put on additional size to the parts that she needed it most. After one week of taking Ligandrol, she started to notice she was feeling stronger and had more endurance. The only side effect she experienced was she held a little extra water weight. She highly recommends this product to other women.

This customer is a 69-year-old man who was taking Ostarine to gain strength. He took the supplement, while continuing to eat his normal amount of calories and carried on with his regular workouts. After 30 days he noticed his strength was increasing. He didn’t experience any side effects while using Ostarine. While taking the supplement, he noticed his lifts were increased by 20-30 pounds, and when he cycled off he realized that his lifts were back to his normal weight.

This customer spoke with their doctor and weighed the risk versus reward before deciding to try Testolone. They started with a 5-mg dosage for the first week, then upped to a 10-mg dosage. They experienced mild headaches over the first few days of use. After three weeks of use, the customer started to notice they were gaining lean muscle in their shoulders and biceps. Testolone gave them solid muscle mass that stayed even after they ended their usage cycle. They started to notice the fat loss in their stomach around the fourth week of use. 


SARMs can be a great tool for weight loss and lean muscle gain if you are aware of the potential side effects that could come from the usage. Keep in mind that SARMs are not FDA-approved, so your safety is not guaranteed. 

The top three SARMs on the market right now are Ostarine, Testolone, and Ligandrol. Each of these products will give you similar results, but you need to make sure you follow the directions provided on the label. Each body is different, so one may work better for you than others. If you are insterested in using SARMs, make sure you complete efficient research.

The 3 Best SARMs on the Market