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Ready to kickstart your diet routine? Your body may need that extra boost that only a high quality fat burner can provide. Which one is right for you? Below I will discuss the three I have tried.

1. PhenQ

What is PhenQ? According to their site, PhenQ is “five pills in one.” The pill burns fat, suppresses your appetite, and block fat production. All three of these are key to any weight loss regime.



1. Capsimax Powder
This special blend includes capsicum, piperin, caffeine, and niacin to give the powder that fat burning kick. Capiscum is a type of pepper that is known to increase fat burning. Piperin is a type of black pepper alkaloid that also helps burn fat. These two all natural ingredients combined with caffeine and niacin (Vitamin b3) create the ultimate belly blaster powder.

2. Chromium Picolinate

This essential mineral found naturally in many foods helps to curb appetite for sugar and carbs.

3. Nopal

The fiber from this cactus helps you to feel fuller longer. This full feeling leads to eating less.

4. L-Carnitine Fumarate

This naturally occurring amino acid helps to force your body to use stored fat for energy.


A major benefit is the multiple effects that this pill has as a fat burner. It can suppress appetite, block fat production, and burn fat. Very crucial for any one who is looking to lose weight. Each pill only contains about the caffeine equivalent to a cup of coffee.


Of course, caffeine sensitivity is always a con with any diet pill. For those wary of caffeine, this pill relies on more than caffeine. The other con is these pills can be ordered through their site or amazon, so you may have to wait.

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2. Instant Knockout

instant knockout


1. Energy and Focus Blend
Their energy and focus blend is caffeine, phenylethylamine HCL, glucomannan, and L-Tyrosine. Phenylethylamine HCL is a central nervous stimulant that helps to boost fat burning. Glucomannan is a type of dietary fiber that helps with weight loss. L-Tyrosine, an amino acid, boosts your energy to help you get through those tough workouts and days.

2. Thermogenesis Blend

This blend contains green tea extract, raspberry ketones, and yohimbe bark. Green tea is a popular fat burner. These raspberry ketones have become popular to help with weight loss. They do support the thyroid and other metabolic functions in the body. Yohimbe Bark is known to raise the metabolic rate.

3. Lipogenic Blend

This blend contains Kola Nut and L-Carnitine. The Kola Nut is a raw ingredient that can be found in many of your favorite beverages. It contains caffeine and has fat-burning properties similar to caffeine. L-Carnitine helps to block fat production.


Many of the ingredients are proven effective by themselves to supplement weight loss. The ingredients have high powered fat burners in them to make your weight loss journey easy to jump start.

Caffeine, caffeine, caffeine. This product is not for those who are sensitive to caffeine. It is intended for those who are needing a great kick to burn fat.
The company, nutra4health, that makes this pill does not have their own page, but they are a verified amazon seller. The ingredients are listed but not the individual amounts. The blends list their ingredients and a lump sum milligram, which means you may not know how much caffeine you are getting in each pill.

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3. Hunter Burn


1. Hunger Neutralizer

Konjac Root, glucomannon, is a type of fiber that helps you feel fuller longer. White kidney bean is a carb blocker that is all natural. Many know that carbs are a big fat collector.

2. Thermo Burn

Cayenne Pepper is a way to boost the metabolism without the caffeine. Matcha Green Tea Powder is a nice, natural way to target fat.

3. Energy Unblock

Energize your day and workouts with L-Theanine and Vitamin D. L-Theanine is known to boost mood and target fat. Vitamin D helps you to gain muscle which prohibits and burns fat.


All natural ingredients and less caffeine is a major plus. This pill seems to have six key ingredients that would be an excellent supplement to any weigh loss regime.


The price tag is higher. You can buy more months supply at a discount.

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