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Adrafinil is an inactive eugeroic drug used in promoting increased cognitive abilities and alertness. As it is metabolized in the body, it is converted to the active drug Modafinil. It is typically utilized by individuals with sleep disorders that affect their ability to stay awake during the day, such as narcolepsy. Unlike other wakefulness aids, such as coffee, this particular stimulant drug does not incur jitteriness or an energy crash in the individuals that use it.


Medical History

Adrafinil was discovered in France in 1974 by the Louis Lafon Laboratories pharmaceutical company. Given the brand name Olmifon, it was put into circulation in France in 1985 to remedy narcolepsy and other similar sleep disorders. It remained in use as a prescription drug until 2011, when the manufacturing of it was discontinued. This was done, in part, due to the discovery and apparent cost-effectiveness of manufacturing Modafinil.

The difference in the two drugs relates to the different levels of potency, how quickly it is activated in the body, and for how long. Modafinil came out on top and was thus put into circulation as a prescription drug. Once Adrafinil was discontinued as a prescription drug, it was then regulated to an over-the-counter supplement.


Unlike many supplements, Adrafinil has had documented research done during its reign as a prescription drug to back up the beneficial claims listed for it. This benefits the potential users, as they can be confident in the supplement’s ability to help them. The benefit of this eugeroic supplement can begin being felt within 60-90 minutes of it being taken on an empty stomach and will last for about 10-15 hours. These benefits can include:

  • Raised energy levels throughout the day
  • The lack of the typical “stimulant crash” as the supplement wears off
  • A reduction in mental fatigue
  • Enhanced clarity of thoughts
  • Increased positive mood
  • An increase in both short-term and long-term memory
  • The ability to stay awake for more extended periods of time
  • Increased mental alertness throughout the day
  • Enhanced ability to focus on a task
  • Improved reaction timeIncreased motivation
  • An increase in problem-solving abilities
  • Reduced depression in the elderly caused by neurological diseases
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Side Effects

Adrafinil, overall, is considered a relatively safe and non-toxic supplement. In comparison to other stimulant-style drugs, it has very few side effects. As the drug promotes wakefulness in individuals, taking the supplement too late in the day can lead to the inability or difficulty falling asleep at night. Other than the insomnia, this supplement can cause a change in appetite, nausea, and mild headaches.

Regular use of the supplement is not recommended, as extended use can increase the count of certain liver enzymes and lead to liver damage. Likewise, it is not recommended for individuals who already take any drugs that increase the enzyme count in the liver.


While it is considered a non-toxic supplement, regular use of Adrafinil is not recommended. The dosage recommendations for the drug offers an on and off approach to taking it. Taking the required dosage every other day to every other two days a week, then going a week without it in order to keep the liver enzymes low. This will allow the eugeroic properties of the drug to stay effective and lead to fewer side effects.

The recommended dosage of the supplement is 300 mg – 600 mg every other day. Starting with the lower dosage allows the body to be used to the effects, and if the individual doesn’t feel like it’s enough, then it can be increased. The supplement must be taken immediately upon waking in the morning and on an empty stomach.

Overall, Adrafinil is a generally safe supplement for use in increasing mental alertness and cognitive functions. If taken correctly, it should cause little to no side effects in most individuals. As with all supplements, caution should be taken when trying it for the first time, and care should be given to the quality of the supplement purchased.

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