Health and Wellness

Health & Wellness

The Reproductive Health Technologies Project (RHTP) works to change the political and commercial climate in the United States so every woman has access to safe and effective technologies to become pregnant when she is ready, prevent or end pregnancy when she is not, maintain a healthy pregnancy, and promote her health and wellbeing throughout her reproductive life.

RHTP takes an expansive view of technology: reproductive technologies mean not only those necessary to prevent or terminate a pregnancy, but those that assist in the creation and maintenance of healthy pregnancies as well as the information and supports needed to make informed decisions.

Consequently, RHTP works to:

  • Reduce exposure to harmful chemicals that impact reproductive health and fertility;
  • Promote the “greening” of contraceptives and other reproductive technologies and products.
  • Ensure women have the information to make informed decisions about the use of existing and emerging Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs);
  • Prevent the criminalization of women for their pregnancy outcomes.