Our Work

To fulfill our mission, RHTP currently focuses on three core areas:

  • Building a stronger political platform for policies which enable every woman, regardless of her zip code or ability to pay, to access abortion care should she need it
  • Expanding access to safe and effective contraceptive technologies
  • Ensuring women have the supports they need to become pregnant when desired, maintain healthy pregnancies, and promote their health and well-being throughout their reproductive years.

Every person, regardless of her income, her source of insurance, or where she lives, should be able to make her own decision about whether to have an abortion and should be able to access safe, affordable abortion care with the method and in the setting that best meets her needs and circumstances.

RHTP works to ensure every person has accurate information about and meaningful access to safe, affordable, and appropriate contraceptive technologies to meet their family planning needs throughout their reproductive years.

Reproductive technologies mean not only those necessary to prevent or terminate a pregnancy, but those that assist in the creation and maintenance of healthy pregnancies as well as the information and supports needed to make informed decisions.