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RHTP in the News
9/19/14       Greening Condoms: Making a Good Thing Better (Women's Voices for the Earth)
12/7/11       Obama Administration Refuses to Relax Plan B Restrictions (Washington Post)
12/5/11       FDA Weighs Putting Plan B Morning-After Pill on Drugstore Shelves (Washington Post)
12/10/10       Birth Control Pills Not a Major Source of Estrogen in Water Supply (WebMD)
9/28/10       10 Year Later, Abortion Pill Not Used as Often as Expected (USA Today)
8/13/10       FDA OKs New Five-Day Emergency Contraceptive (Associated Press)
8/14/10       FDA Approves ella as 5 Day After Emergency Contraceptive (Washington Post)
6/18/10       Morning After Pill Stirs Controversy (MyFoxPhoenix)
6/18/10       New Morning After Pill Safe, Effective Panel Says (MedPage Today)
4/30/10       50 Years of Birth Control: Pharma Continues to Push for More Reproductive-Health Options (Pharmaceutical Commerce)
9/02/09       Generic for Plan B Approved for Over-the-Counter Distribution (Ms. Magazine)
7/16/09       Preventing Pregnancy 'One Step' Easier: FDA Approves Simpler Plan B (Newsweek)
7/01/09       Protecting the Public from Harmful Chemicals (Augusta Free Press)

Second chance for Plan B and FDA (Nationally Syndicated Op/Ed)

12/11/08       FDA Holds Meeting on New Female Condom (Women's eNews)

Scientists Seek New Male Birth Control Options (Chicago Tribune's Red Eye)

6/29/08       Birth Control Stuck in the Dark Ages (Live Science)

Genetic Testing + Abortion = ??? (New York Times)

1/24/07       Health Advisers Recommend Against Setting Failure Limits on Birth Control Pills (Associated Press via South Coast Today)
8/24/06       Plan B Approval Said to Be Near; Adults Could buy 'Morning-After Pill' Over the Counter (Washington Post)
8/24/06       FDA Approves Broader Access to Next-Day Pill (New York Times)
6/30/06       HPV Vaccine Advised for Girls (Washington Post)
3/16/06       Emergency Contraceptive Issue Complicates FDA Nominee's Future (NPR)
9/20/05       FDA Rethinks Women's Chief (Washington Post)
9/12/05       Trust Me, Baby: Bush White House Snookers Clinton on Morning-After Pill (Village Voice)
8/28/05       Morning-After Pill: Politics and the FDA (New York Times)
8/27/05       FDA Delays Decision on Morning-After Pill (Associated Press via MSNBC.com)
6/9/05       Mixed Report in Probe Of Acting FDA Chief (Washington Post)
5/13/05       Emergency Contraception Drug a Hot Potato at FDA (NPR)
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