Our Mission

The mission of the Reproductive Health Technologies Project is to advance the ability of every woman of any age to achieve full reproductive freedom with access to the safest, most effective, appropriate and acceptable technologies for ensuring her own health and controlling her fertility. To fulfill this mission, we seek to build consensus in support of an education, research and advocacy agenda for reproductive health and reproductive freedom. We seek consensus through a process of dialogue among diverse communities about technological developments and their global implications.

Guiding Principles

  • We view technology not as an end in itself, but as an essential component for all women and men, including those who are underserved and historically have been excluded, to control their own health and fertility.
  • We believe that each technology requires careful analysis of its safety, effectiveness, acceptability, appropriateness and ethical aspects, recognizing that all of these may vary from person to person and community to community.
  • We define diversity as the full range of characteristics we embody as human beings.  These include the distinct personal and professional backgrounds, life experiences, talents, contributions and perspectives with which each of us identifies and with which others may use to identify us.
  • Our characteristics differentially determine our ability and power to access goods, services and resources. We strive to identify differences and eliminate barriers and ensure access to reproductive health information and technologies.
  • We engage in an active and ongoing process of inclusion both internally and externally because we believe this enables RHTP to work collaboratively to advance the equal opportunity of every woman to achieve full reproductive freedom.